Can You Recycle Your Phone Case?

Do you have an old phone case that no longer functions properly? If this is the case, you should get rid of your old phone case and replace it with a new one. You can also sell or recycle your old phone case and make some instant money. If your phone case is in bad shape and has prior repairs, then recycling your case is the best solution. In this article, we show some quick tips to recycle old phone cases.

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Is it Possible to Recycle Old Phone Cases?

Many of them think that there is no way to recycle a phone case as most phone cases are made of plastics. They might be true on one side, but there is always a possibility to recreate or repurpose phone cases on the other side.

The old phone case might not be wholly recycled, but the valuable materials can be extracted and reused or used for some other industries to create productive stuff.  Some say that silicone and carbon fiber are impossible to recycle because most of these phone covers that are no longer in use end up in a garbage can and eventually in a landfill, leading to increased emissions.

You know what?

Silicone helps create glasses, and sports industries make use of carbon fibers. In that way, the material can be repurposed for various industries. Let us check out the facts about recycling phone cases.

Facts on Phone Case Recycling

Currently, only a few mobile phone cases are recycled, as compared to other accessories. Hazardous chemicals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic are present in mobile phones, impacting phone cases. A good recycling service provider extracts almost 85% of the valuable substances after recycling the phone covers. These assets can be used in many other essential industry verticals, thereby promoting environmental management. Many beneficial products can be transformed from these new cases. You would be stunned by some astonishing facts about recycling mobile phone cases. Below are some unique facts

  • Mobile cases and accessories use 99% recyclable materials. (Except hard plastic, while some kind of plastics like PVC, PP, and PS types are recyclable)
  • Materials from your gadgets and accessories may be repurposed to create new products.
  • According to some trusted survey sources, there are an estimated 23 million old unused cell phones in drawers at home and work.

Importance of mobile recycling

Your old gadget case may appear to be trash, but it is your mobile case that ensures the safety of your device. Furthermore, the phone cases after their full use can be reused again. Here are a few reasons why phone case recycling is so important.

1. Affordable new case

New advanced phone cases are in the market with an astonishing price range nowadays. It might be due to their quality and protection that they offer, but if you aspire to grab such advanced phone cases, recycling the old ones for the best prices might make you comfortable to consider them in your list.

2. Reusable Materials 

    Recycling is not a simple process that your used product (here, phone case) would be crushed and sent as a raw material to the manufacturing company again. It is a complex process in which some repurposing materials would be segregated. A few materials in your phone case would be removed and repurposed, and sent to the industries in need of that material for some other purpose.

    3. Recycling helps in saving the environment

    There are various materials in mobile phone cases that can be harmful to people, plants, and animals.  Hazardous products can be managed appropriately by a recycler with experience. If mobile phone cases are disposed of improperly and end up in landfills, they can affect the environment and our health. Toxins such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and many other elements can be found in cell phone cases. These cannot be degraded, and therefore if these chemicals are disposed of in landfills, they will cause long-term damage to the ecosystem and atmosphere. This poses a significant threat to the welfare of livestock, humans, and the broader community, so strict action is needed regarding this aspect. You can take the first step in the process to protect the environment by recycling.

    How can I recycle my old phone cases?

    If your phone case is not in such a bad condition, you can allow your phone case to be reused by selling them to others for low price, sell them to thrift stores, or sell them online. If it is badly affected, then recycling is recommended. The bitter truth is that most phone cases are made of rigid plastic, which has a small demand for recycling. Approach a good recycling company so that they will help you through the recycling process.

    How can I recycle my DIY phone case?

    It is great that you have succeeded in creating your DIY phone case. What happens to it after it gets old or gets damaged. If you are thinking of creating another DIY phone case, that is good. But have you thought of the old DIY phone case? According to some sources, most Americans throw off their DIY phone cases in garbage knowing that they would not have any resale or recycling purpose. That is a misconception. To be true, in one case, you make DIY phone cases only from recyclable materials. On the other, it is very easy for the recycling companies to segregate the materials in DIY cases than machine-pressed and manufactured phone cases. You can use some chemical separators of moderate concentration to separate the materials like silicone from your DIY phone cases easier. Make sure you follow necessary precautions before involving yourself in such endeavors. Let us know more about the process and methods involved in recycling phone cases more effectively.

    Process of phone case recycling

    We are aware that we can recycle all of our small appliances, but how does phone case recycling work in practice? If your phone case is not refurbished and resold or donated, it is dismantled, and valuable components are sorted and salvaged at a specialized e-waste recycling facility. E-waste recyclers in the United States mainly focus on appliances and high-end products, and small products like phone cases are not highly concentrated.

    But you can find some phone case stores that can recycle the phone cases for you and provide some new cases by deducing the amount. That is frivolous. You will not get a proper value for your old phone case if you go to them. It is best to go for a good phone case recycler to recycle your phone case.

    In another case, you should simply try to use the case for as long as possible. Even if you purchased a new phone case, you might decide to move your phone to one of your children, friends, or relatives. A case is needed for anyone who uses the phone. We understand, however, that some children would prefer to find a case that appeals to their desires and tastes rather than using your old second-hand phone case. You can also store and manage them as a collectible or for a cause of vintage preservation.

    Innovative ways to recycle old phone cases

    To ensure that your phone cases stay helpful, you don't have only to recycle or sell them. Many people with older phones can need a gently used case. Many charitable organizations, such as Goodwill, or the American Red Cross, would happily accept your donated cases. Many charities are interested in donated phones and phone cases. The proceeds from the selling of these materials are then directed to charitable works by these organizations. The National Coalition against Domestic Violence is an example of this type of organization. All funds raised from phone and accessory donations are used to assist this agency.

    Instant Phone Cases Recycling Booths

    Check for a nearby kiosk machine-like EcoATM if you want to safely dispose of an old phone case that you aren't using while also earning some instant cash. About 3,000 EcoATM stalls can be found throughout the United States. These kiosks accept all major phone case and tablet brands, even if they are broken, in exchange for an immediate cash payment. Getting charged quickly for your old iPhone, Android, or other smartphone case is a great opportunity rather than eliminating it.

    Choose the best smartphone cover material that can be recycled

    There are several options when it comes to selecting a good phone cover. The first thing you consider when purchasing a smartphone cover is its look, but you also care about protecting your handset, ease of use, and other extra features, but you should also think about the future. Yes, you should also have a keen look at whether they are recyclable.

    Any material used to make these covers has advantages and disadvantages, whether plastic, silicon, leather, or metal. Smartphone Covers are made from a variety of materials. In the manufacture of smartphone covers, there are a few simple materials that are used.

    Let us take a look at various phone case materials and their recycling capacity

    Plastic: Plastic makes up the majority of mobile covers. Plastic is found in almost every aspect of our lives and our smartphones as well. Smartphone covers are made of various forms of plastic. Polycarbonate is the most commonly used material nowadays. This rigid plastic is used to make bulletproof windows and a variety of other products. Polypropylene is a tough material that is frequently used in defensive cases. You should know that Polypropylene is a recyclable plastic that, when extracted, can be recycled for some other industries effectively. These cases are available in a range of colors and shapes and are lightweight. Some plastic phone cases are also waterproof.

    Silicone is a soft substance manufactured from petroleum and silicon, a naturally occurring element in the sand. Some people believe that this is a better alternative to plastic cell phone covers. Silicone is a versatile material that can be used to create some fantastic smartphone mobile covers. Covers made of this material are easy to grip and less expensive than those made of other materials. Even though silicone cases can be recycled, they can be extracted and repurposed for some other industries.

    Carbon Fiber: This material is made of carbon, as the names indicate. Carbon fiber is made by weaving together carbon stands. Despite its lighter weight, this phone case material is more durable than steel. This material is relatively new, and it can also be used in various items ranging from automobiles to fishing rods and smartphone covers. It's challenging to come across a wide range of colors and styles. It is significantly more costly than plastic. Recycling carbon fiber is the least possible way, but with some innovative recycling trends, it is possible to restructure for a practical purpose.

    Alternative measures: Use of Environmental friendly phone cases to reduce recycling stress

    A mobile phone case is beneficial to any smartphone. On the one side, cases shield the handset from dust and drop, which is understandable. On the other hand, many people use mobile phone cases as Gadgets and chic accents to give their smartphones a new look. In the long run, the smartphone's monochrome is a little bland, which is why mobile phone cases are perfect for giving the phone a blob of individuality while avoiding modernity. Every year, approximately 1.5 billion phone cases are discarded. On the one hand, this is because a smartphone's entire useful life is just 22 months.

    Environmentally friendly phone cases are made of biodegradable materials that do not harm the environment. Bamboo and cork (both renewable raw materials), as well as bio-plastic, are examples. Bamboo is a fast-growing raw material that does not die after harvesting and instead continues to grow. Therefore, a phone case made of bamboo is sustainable and stable, with a growth rate of up to three meters per day and simple robustness.

    Despite these ideas are very innovative, the chances of getting a bamboo phone case are very exploitative as it would also create a threat to the bamboo ecosystem. As this present world is relying more on organic products, organic phone cases are not only a great investment but also an environmental threat. In that case, it is best to create sustainable phone cases by recycling the old ones effectively.

    Way forward

    Change should start with us. In that case, We, at Clearphonecases, have a strict determination towards creating recyclable and environmentally friendly phone cases. We primarily rely upon providing stunning phone cases and accessories that do not harm the environment in any case. Our phone cases are durable and long-lasting and can be recycled more effectively. Our human anatomy phone cases reflect the significance of priority towards the human body and reflect our prime importance of their environment.

    Final Verdict

    Recycling smartphone covers varies depending on the content. When the number of people using cell phones grows across the world, so does the number of people using phone covers. It is not possible to restrict mobile covers to protect the environment from the adverse effects of landfills and non-biodegradable materials. But we can modify usage ways by recycling or reusing them.

    So, we would conclude by saying that phone case recycling is essential and beneficial to the community. It benefits both the consumers of cell phones and the community. If you can sell or recycle your old phone cases depends on their condition. Whether or not your phone case is in poor condition, you should recycle it rather than throwing it away.

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