How to clean a clear phone case?

How to clean a clear phone case?

If someone asks “who do you spend your leisure time with?”, you will say the names of your loved ones. But nowadays spending leisure time is taking selfies with them, making crazy dishes by watching youtube videos, chilling on Netflix, and listening to favorite songs. That is awesome. But is that possible without the so-called “Smartphones”? To be frank, you spend most of your work and leisure time with mobile phones. It is not wrong; the whole world revolves around it, but it is sure that it is your companion. Actually, it is more than a companion as it is used in all your moves, likes, and aspirations.

For instance; You need to click a picture; you have a smartphone. You need to know the weather reports; you have a smartphone. To be short, smartphones have taken over the usage of other technological yet electronic items. It is a great blessing with a device that is endorsed with multiple features. But there is a question mark about its safety. The more features a smartphone has, the more it is prone to easy damage. 

There is nothing to blame the seller or the manufacturer. They construct mobile smartphones to make it easy for the user. Days are far that you can change your mobile when it has broken. The prices of smartphones are surpassing the prices of laptops. So, it is more significant to take care of your smartphone. But how? That is where the phone cases came to the rescue.

Phone cases act as a shield to your beloved smartphone and protect from any scratches or breakage. If you want to protect your $600 smartphone from breakage, you will definitely need a 30$ phone case. Coming to phone cases, there are a variety of phone cases in the market. Attractive smartphone cases printed with fictional or religious or attractive characters are widely prevalent in the market. But there is always a uniqueness about the clear phone cases. Yes, even though they are offered by the smartphone companies themselves, some people have a craze over a clear phone case. 

What does a clear phone case look like?

Before getting into the looks of a clear phone case, let us know what a clear phone case is. It is a lightweight cushion with a protective shield around the sides of the smartphone. It protects the front, back, and sides of the phone because of the protective cushions along the sides. Various phone cases are made from materials including plastic, silicon, leather material, vinyl protectors, plate glass, and even rubber. A clear phone case is made of hard plastic.

A hard plastic also called a thermoformed plastic is a kind of plastic made by the thermal process and immediate cooling. This kind of plastic is more durable compared to normal plastic materials. It also has a rigid structure and so it does not get damaged so easily. It is resistant to scratching as the hard plastic is covered by a hard covering material to prevent unexpected damage. This is one such reason why people prefer a clear phone case. 

For those who think that clear phone cases do not contain any designs, it is wrong. Transparent phone cases do carry stunning external designs without deteriorating the transparency. Those designs can get applied over the top of your case without sticking to the phone.



Whatever the mobile is, they are built to resist the damage and hence cornered with an amalgamate of hard material. But if the phone strikes at the wrong point, then the phone screen shatters whatsoever the material is. The most sensible part of the smartphone is its front screen. It is because it is made up of not-so-hard glass material so that the smartphone responds to the touch sensor and reacts accordingly. But the clear phone case protects the front screen from damage due to the presence of bumpers that are made of hard plastic.

On design aspects, the clear phone case looks similar to a normal designed phone case with no designs on the skin of it. It covers the phone on all four sides and back leaving the front face of the phone with no protection. But you need not worry. The four bumpers present on the sides of the phone will protect the smartphone from getting hit in its face. The back of the phone case will have allocated portholes for the camera and the flashlight based on the type of mobiles you have. Not all mobiles will have the same external infrastructure. Samsung Galaxy smartphones will have a unique infrastructure compared to the Apple mobiles. 


Clear Phone case material:

Talking about the material, Hard plastics are simply polymers that are hardened using the thermal process. Clear phone cases are a type of hard plastic that has silica content. That is the reason behind the transparency of the material. Hard plastics are very durable and strong. Right from PET plastics to heavy-duty HDPE, all are hard plastics. That kind of material used in a clear phone case makes the case more efficient for smartphone damages. 

Despite these strengths, there is a question among the phone users - “ Why do I need a clear phone case?” Let us get into it and justify the case of using a clear phone case.


Need for Clear phone case:

According to some sources, almost one in four people in the world do not use any phone cases for their mobiles. According to a survey, almost 53% of the people have slipped their mobile phones into the toilet. There are several other events similar to this. 

But why do things like this happen?

Why cannot we protect our phone without a case?

It is because of the material the smartphone companies use. They want to attract their customers and use glossy material( at present, they use gorilla type glass material) to make the phone shine from the outside. This has created less friction between your hand and the phone that leads to slippery events. 

One minute silence for those who believe the advertisement that shows the mobile being alive without a crack when it is left from the 10th floor. It may survive, but, as previously said, if the mobile phone is stuck at the wrong point; it will crack, especially the front screen. 

Despite that, some people do not consider protecting their phone with a case. It is because of their ideology that it would deteriorate the beauty of the phone and make it heavier or bulkier. While some of them consider flaunting their smartphones’ external style and beauty. So, they do not want to cover them up. While for some of them, phones with their cases do not fit their pant or shirt pockets creating an ugly look. But do you know what makes you more embarrassing or ugly - A broken smartphone. 

 I would like to repeat that smartphones have reached the price levels of laptops. So, replacing with another new one is not an easy task. To protect your $600 smartphone, you need a $30 smartphone case. And choosing a clear phone case, there are benefits. Yes, you can still flaunt your smartphone among the public. Nothing deteriorates the beauty of your smartphone as it is reflected through your transparent phone case.

You can protect your smartphone from external dirt factors and food stains. It is not your friend’s fault when he throws the cake towards you while you are videotaping his birthday ceremony. If you have covered your phone with a clear phone case, then you can wash it up easily. Among other phone case types, the clear phone case is the most preferable especially in cleaning the stains because, using certain techniques, we can clean it up in a perfect manner which we cannot achieve the same in other phone case types.

Other Benefits of having a clear phone case:

  1. The logo - People are more obsessed with overusing branded items. If you want to flaunt the logo of your Apple or Oneplus or Galaxy phone, then you need a clear phone case.
  2. Lightweight - Clear phone cases are lightweight despite crafted from hard plastic. They fit your packets and do not make you odd. 
  3. Option to do some craft work - If you are an imaginative person, you can do some craftwork or paint in your phone case in a manner that most of the phone is visible.

Why do you need a bumper in your clear phone case?

You can see four bumpers on each corner of your clear phone case. These four bumpers will protect your phone from getting scratched on the front screen. There are two kinds of bumpers - A tough or a slim bumper. A tough bumper has a thicker wall and hence it will protect your phone against hard attacks. 

Every clear phone case has an additional design feature. Yes, it is the “lip”. The main function of the lip is to protect the phone from breakage. The lip extends from the front of the phone case, This lip will act as a cushion or a savior for the mobile front screen. 

But how do you judge your clear phone case has all anti-cracking features?

It is simple if you follow certain examining process:

Place your smartphone covered with your clear phone case on a plain table upside down. If you can sense a small gap between the ground and the phone, then you can make sure that the phone case is cool. Also, make sure that the lip extends from the front screen. At the edges, the gap should be at least 1mm with protective bumpers.

 It is more good to add a lip on the backside of the case too. It is to protect the back camera and to prevent any scratches. These are some of the reasons why you need a clear phone case. Despite those security features, you need proper maintenance of your clear phone case to make it look clear every time.

In case you notice some brown stains on your clear phone case, what will you do? No worries. Just continue to read further. We have a better solution.


How to clean a clear phone case that had turned brown?

Have you worried about wearing a white dress to school? There are several concerns but fate is only when you wear white or mild color dresses, you get into nastiness. The clear phone cases have the same page in their story. If it is clear and transparent, there are more chances that it would get dim or faded. 

Phone cases turn brown or yellow after an amount of time if you do not maintain it regularly. This creates an illusion of an old look over your phone. You need not change the case if it does turn brown. You should, but there are certain remedies with which you can redeem the shine of your phone case. 

But before that, we should know the reasons behind its color effect. 

First and foremost, anything that gets into regular usage has more chances of getting dull. The dullness or turning brown may be due to certain reasons like the hand sweat, or your oil on your face that gets stuck to the case while you interact with your friend or an office call over a long time without using headjacks. 

The clear phone case is made of hard plastic and some polymers. So, due to chemical reactions of the outside atmospheric conditions and temperature differences, there are chances that they turn brown. After all, they are chemicals right. Another most important factor is that, due to Ultraviolet radiation, phone cases can turn yellowish or brown.  

But how does it become brown?

The main scientific reason behind the brownness is Adhesive nature. The dirt is adhesive to the hard plastic. So, it accumulates in the case slowly. Initially, you could not notice the stain. But later, due to repeated contact, the stain accumulates in the case, which in turn looks brown.

Some of the home remedies can retract your phone case shine back. 

  1. Using soap water or detergent.
  2. Bleaching your phone case:
  3. Brush it out using Baking soda.
  4. Confusing the brown stains by boozing it with alcohol:.(lol)
  5. Effects of toothpaste.

Let us see this briefly one by one.

Using soap water or detergent - Cleaning the clear phone case with a dish wash soap or detergent will have a greater effect on the case. The brown stains in the phone case are due to the stickability nature of the polymers and hard plastic. With soap mixture, you can remove the contact between the dirt and the case. Yes, the soap removes the adhesive property of the stain over the case which in turn it wipes away the dirt from the phone case effectively. Let us see how to make the soap water to clean your case:


Firstly, you need to prepare the ingredients for the mixture. You will need warm water, dish soap, and a toothbrush or scrub to clean the phone case by applying the mixture.

Preparation and procedure:

  • Take a required level of warm water in the bowl (240 ml).
  • Mix it with a few drops of dish soap and make it a solution.
  • Take the toothbrush or a thin scrub and dip the solution with it.
  • Apply all over the phone case by applying minimal pressure on the case.
  • Spread it to all the nooks and corners of the case so that the solution spreads to all places of the case. 
  • Rinse it and dry it with a clean cloth. Leave the case to dry for an hour and put it back on your phone.

You should not expect a crystal clear phone case after one wash. As the dirt has accumulated in the case for months, it will not get clear immediately. It will take at least consecutive regular attempts to make it clear.


Bleaching your phone case:

You can wipe away the brown stains with the above method. But if the brown stains have become tough over the case and you are not satisfied with the transparency results of the above method, then you can follow the bleaching method. 

But why is bleach preferred over the dish soap for harder stains? 

The reason is Bleach contains two chemicals in prominence. They are sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO) and Calcium Hypochlorite (CaClO). Sodium Hypochlorite is generally used in swimming pools and as a disinfectant. It is also used in shampoos for clearing the dirt from the scalp. Calcium Hypochlorite is also used as a disinfectant and in cleaning solutions. So, these chemicals are considered as the best alternative to the dish soap for harder brown stains in the phone case.

The preparation strategy of the Bleach for cleaning the phone case is similar to that of the dish soap mixture. The only difference is the usage of bleach instead of the dish soap in the warm water. 

Using bleach solution consecutively will work for those harder brown stains over your phone case and make it clear.

But try to keep the case away until it gets dry. Because iPhone screens are sensitive and using harsh chemicals may damage the screen or the back of your phone. So, rinse the phone case clearly before putting it on your iPhone.


Baking soda treatment:

Baking soda treatment is one such valuable alternative treatment for your messy brown phone case. Applying baking soda over the phone and rinsing it thoroughly for a particular amount of time will have a greater effect on bringing back the lost transparency.

Baking soda is usually used in food materials and also as a reliever for many human body deterrents like canker sores, whitening the teeth, etc. Because of their exceptional germ-fighting capability, they also act as a fighter against those brown stains in your phone case.

The baking soda should be sprinkled over the brown phone case. Take the toothbrush and wet it. Rinse all through the phone case. Spread the baking soda all over the surface of the phone case including the nooks and corners. After some scrubbing, rinse the phone case with a clean cloth and leave it for a few hours. Repeat the process for getting better results. Baking soda sprays are harsh for your iPhone or Galaxy phones and should be avoided to the maximum. Rather you can use the Alcohol sprays which will have less effect on your phone.


Effect of Alcohol on removing the brown stains:

This is one such method that you can follow to keep your phone case from germs and other bacteria. As per the research conducted by many organizations, it is a known fact that alcohol cannot completely remove the stains from your phone case, but it can keep you safe from any further germs and attacking bacteria.

During this time of the pandemic, it is more crucial to find alcohol-based sanitizer and sanitize your phone case regularly. Using a mixture containing 70% Isopropyl alcohol will have a greater effect on the stains. Rubbing isopropyl alcohol is available in all chemical stores and pharmaceuticals. Mix it with a small amount of water and fill it in the sprayer bottle. Spray it all over your phone case and use a clean cloth or a tissue paper to rinse it thoroughly all through the phone case. Leave the case for some hours and put it in your phone after it gets dry.

Alcohol has great compatibility with all types of phone cases and to the phones. But, they do not assure complete transparency to your brown-tinted phone cases. Yes, if you want to make your phone case as clear as a new one, you can try the toothpaste treatment over your case.


Effect of toothpaste:

If you can experiment washing your toilet with a Coca Cola drink, then you can wipe the stains out of your mobile with toothpaste. Both are chemicals and these chemicals do have a strong chemical reaction. People sometimes use toothpaste to clear the fade and dirt from the old silver and gold ornaments. You can see immediate results after washing it with toothpaste. Similar is the effect on the phone case. 

All you need to do is to put some toothpaste, which is semi-solid over your phone case and rub it repeatedly for some time. Rinse the toothpaste residues using the cleaning cloth. This will help you to redeem your phone case back to transparency to a little extent. You will need to do repeated iterations to get better results.

The phone cases do not only become brown, sometimes it looks so embarrassing that you have dipped your case in a pool of turmeric. Yellow stains in your phone case hurt so much than the brown ones. If you are facing such embarrassment, you should continue to read on how to remove the yellow stains from your phone case.


How to clean a clear phone case that has turned yellow?

Yellow stains in phone cases is a normal phenomenon as everyone with a clear phone case is facing the same issue. There are various reasons for your phone case becoming yellow. But the prime reason is long exposure to the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. The clear phone case is a hard plastic material that can react with the short waves of the sun. This will create a yellow tint over your phone case after consecutive exposure.

Secondly, the food materials that stick to your phone case would have a larger impact creating a messy yellowish shade. If you can prevent the second one from happening again, what would you do to prevent the UV exposure over your phone case? That is impossible, right? 

What you can do is to prevent the continuous accumulation of the yellowness over your phone case by cleaning it through certain home techniques. 

  1. Using Soapy water
  2. Using an eraser to clean the stains
  3. Bleaching water treatment.
  4. Hydrogen peroxide usage.
  5. Toothpaste to the rescue.
  6. Put it in the sun ( Nail for a nail strategy)
  7. Try a new phone case instead.

Let us see each in detail:

Using Soapy water:

 Most of us would think that this would be a waste of time. But it pays. Yes, dipping your apple or galaxy phone case in a soapy mixture will provide you the best results that you have ever imagined of. It is not a wonder. It is based on science. Yellow stains due to adhesive sense can get wiped off due to repeated dipping of the case into the soapy liquid. It is because the stains stick to the hard plastic or polymer of the phone case. 

Soapy water has the property of reducing the adhesive nature over the polymers that can eventually pay you off by getting your phone case clear. Prepare the soapy water by adding dish soap mixture to a bowl of water and dip your phone case into it. Leave the case for some hours. After taking out, just rinse and wipe away the stains using a clean cloth or tissue paper. Consistent iterations will provide you the best results of getting your transparent case back.

But if your phone case has turned yellow due to oxidation, then it is hard to remove the stains using this method. There are other such methods to wipe away the stains from your case.


Erasing the stains away: 

This might look weird. Erasing the stains will never be similar to erasing the graphite scribbles on the paper. But it will have a minimal to a moderate result. It has some chemical properties. The modern rubber is made up of mixing certain abrasives like fine pumice, vinyl, and other such erasing substances at a perfect proportion. 

Abrasives help in relieving the adhesive properties of the yellow dirt to the phone case in a particular amount. Buy an eraser and apply pressure in those areas of your phone case where you feel the stains are in larger amounts. With proper efforts, you can wipe away the yellow stains at least moderately. It is because the eraser cannot remove the yellow stains in the polymer or rubber material more precisely. But they can eliminate the stains to the maximum providing an ‘ok look’.

If the phone case material is made of silicon rubber or any other rubber material with a matte finish, the eraser would be the best tool to eliminate the yellow stains from your phone case. But it is not weird to try this method for hard plastic too. But the results would not be satisfying. 


Using Bleach water to remove the yellow stains:

Bleach is a wonderful alternative compared to the above two methods when it comes to removing some harder stains like the yellow stains in the phone case. Despite there are some talks regarding the credibility of it in removing the stains, Bleach is one kind of chemical to remove the yellow stains. 

The proportion of Bleach is a mixture of Sodium Hypochlorite and Calcium Hypochlorite. These two chemicals are known for its whitening properties. It can make things either white or make it colorless. And for a transparent case, either of them will work. Prepare your gloves and apron and face mask ready before making the bleach mixture. Because Bleach is known for its corrosive features. Getting in contact with it without any prior safety measures will lead to undeniable consequences. 

Mix it in a proper proportion as recommended by the Manufacturer. The wrong mixture would be an utter waste of the solution as it will not produce any results. After preparing the bleaching solution gently dip the phone case into the solution and leave it for some time. Then clean the case using a clean cloth or tissue paper to get a transparent outcome. You cannot expect a 100 percent outcome in the first attempt. With a series of iterations, there are greater chances that you will gain a satisfactory result. If you conduct the process in a well-ventilated place along with brushing the phone case after soaking, then the results would be better. 

This bleaching method will work effectively for silicon-based phone covers and rubber phone cases. For hard plastics, it will work but if the yellow stain is due to oxidation, then the chances of removing the stains are very low. 


Using Hydrogen peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide is a compound generally used to remove stains from cloth or cardboard or any materials, is used to remove yellow stains from phone cases too. Using the hydrogen peroxide solution cream will have a greater effect. 

Take the solution along with a washing or cleaning cloth. Apply the solution cream to the phone case and rinse it gently all over the phone case. Make sure that the solution reaches all over the nooks and corners of the case. After rinsing, put the phone case in the sun. The effect of hydrogen peroxide along with the UV light will have a positive effect on the phone case. In some cases, if you do not like to put your phone case in the sun, then use the UV nail dryer in the house. 


Using Toothpaste to remove the stains:

Toothpaste contains certain chemicals which can break the adhesiveness between the polymer and the dirt. Most kinds of toothpaste contain Fluoride along with Sodium Laureth sulfate in a particular amount. Some herbal toothpaste does have these chemical substances at a minimal amount and some of them without these. It is best to choose a commercial toothpaste with those chemicals to clean the phone case.

Apply the toothpaste to the phone case and rinse it with a clean cloth or a brush, whatever is convenient. Rinse at those areas where the yellow stains are at a maximum rate. Then clean the phone case with a clean cloth or tissue. You cannot expect an immediate result after the first attempt. The dirt may have built over your case for a longer time. So, it will take some countable iterations to achieve complete transparency.

Despite the yellowness, this method helps make your phone case free from scratches. If your phone case has minor scratches that make it clumsy, toothpaste whitening will provide a better result. 


Get a new phone case instead: 

If you are not satisfied with the results of those six methods discussed above, it is time for you to buy a better new phone case instead. Mostly, the effect would fade away by consistent iterations, but if the phone case has turned yellow due to oxidation, then it is hard to remove the stains from the case. Those methods to remove the stains would help, but it would not provide your satisfying results. 

If you are planning to buy a new phone case for your Apple or Galaxy smartphones, make sure that you choose the best clear phone case at affordable rates. As you have learned a valuable lesson, it is important to clean your phone case regularly to prevent any further yellowing or browning of your case. 

If you cannot prevent exposing your phone case to the sun, then use some alternative methods to prevent the oxidation due to sun exposure at periodic intervals. This will not only help you to prevent the yellow shade but also helps to maintain your phone case from other hazards effectively. 


How to prevent your phone case from becoming yellow or brown?

If you are buying a clear phone case, then there are chances that it would turn yellow or brown regarding the intensity of the usage. But the phone looks embarrassing and nasty with such a phone case. You cannot use your phone without a case. Because you cannot sacrifice a $600 phone for a $30 phone case. 

You can change the phone case if it becomes so dump but changing the case now and then becomes expensive too. The best way to secure your phone and your case is to prevent your phone case from becoming yellow or brown. 

But is that possible? 

It might not be. But putting the efforts into prevention is more helpful and efficient than elimination. (which might not be possible too)

The below-mentioned prevention techniques will help your phone case from getting it yellow or brown.

  1. Using Myoglobin powder over your phone case:
  2. Protect your phone case from direct exposure to UV for a long time.
  3. Rinse it regularly fixing a schedule:
  1. Using Myoglobin powder over your phone case is the best remedy to prevent your phone case from becoming yellow or brown because of oxidation. Myoglobin is chemically an iron and oxygen-binding protein. It acts as an oxidation remover or an oxygen scavenger. Applying this powder in minimal amounts will help you to prevent your phone case from becoming yellow. 

Take a small amount of Myoglobin powder and sparkle it over your phone case and gently rinse it throughout your phone case. But beware of using it regularly. Because regular intake of myoglobin may affect your kidneys. It may happen due to accidental intake during the sparkling mechanism. So, it is best recommended to wash your hands or use gloves while doing the process to prevent accidental intake. 

  1. If you want to protect your phone from getting yellow, it is better to prevent the phone from exposure to sunlight. Sunlight is one of the important factors in your phone's decoloration. You can cover your phone with some sunscreen sheets over your phone case. It might be odd but it is the need of the hour. Or you can prevent the maximum amount of time that you put your phone under the sun.
  1. The third and simple method is to prevent the dirt from accumulating on your phone case. You would have known the proverb “Prevention is better than cure”. That is what is recommended to do. Fix a regular schedule where you can clean your case. Use the methods that are discussed above to clean your case to prevent the stains from accumulating. 

These are some of the techniques that you can use to prevent the accumulation of stains in your phone case. As you know, phone cases also get affected through scratches. Phone case materials are hard plastic and hence when it gets scratched, it will be visible explicitly on the phone case. But can you make those scratches vanish?


How to remove the scratches from your clear phone case? 

It is so hurting to see scratches on your phone case when you take it out of your pocket. It would have happened due to the corrosion of your bike or car keys over your phone case. That is the time you remember seeing the tik tok videos of Quick Life hacks previously. It is common to get those scratches but you will not be willing to spend those online glue fixes and other tools that cost nearly 60$ for a 30$ phone case. 

Here we have come up with some remedies and some DIY fixes that would be helpful to vanish those scratches from your phone case. 

  1. Sandpaper usage - This is the best remedy if your phone case has got random scratches. Take a small piece of sandpaper and gently rub it on your case where there are scratches. This kind of sandpaper grinding will reduce the scratches from your transparent case as the residue of those scratches will diversify among the scratch areas and make it fade. 

While choosing the sandpaper, get the least abrasive one which will be effective for rubbing over your phone case. The hardest sandpaper may mutilate the scratches further. This is one of the sensible techniques to remove the scratches. So, you should be careful while dealing with sandpaper rubbing. An extra additional pressure may damage your phone case further. 

  1. Toothpaste - This is one of the effective yet traditional home remedies to wipe away the scratches from your phone. When it comes to your phone case, it can provide a satisfactory remedy. Make sure that you take actual toothpaste rather than gel-based gelatin toothpaste. It is because it is the actual toothpaste that contains essential chemicals to cover up the scratches in your phone case.

Firstly, take a small amount of toothpaste over the white cloth and gently rub over your phone case in the places of scratches and to other places to have an even coating. Use a damp cloth to wipe away the remaining unnecessary toothpaste from the case. By this method, the toothpaste will cover up the phone case. This eventually helps to eliminate the scratches from your case in an effective fashion. 

  1. Veggie oil - If you think that is weird, just give it a try. Yes, vegetable oil is a great immediate fix for minor scratches on your phone or your phone case. Apply a drop of the oil over the places where you can find the scratches and rub it gently. Leave the case for about an hour and wipe the oil away from your case using tissue paper. 
  1. Baby powder usage - This is another weird method that you would never believe. Yes, baby powder has a greater advantage of making the scratches fade from your phone case. Take two parts of baby powder with a part of the water in a bowl and make it like a thick paste. Apply the powder over the phone case gently all over the phone case. Use a tissue paper or a cotton cloth to wipe off the residue paste from your phone case. The powder molecules will fill the gaps created by the scratches. This will help in eliminating the scratches from your phone case. It is best recommended not to use excess water as it will coagulate the entire mixture. 
  1. Egg and Potassium Aluminium Sulphate - Egg whites are not only used for protein consumption but also help in repairing the scratches in your phone case. For this method, you will need certain materials. They include eggs, a microfiber cloth or clean cotton cloth, alum (potassium aluminum sulfate), and aluminum foil. Metals can be bought from a local drugstore.

Take a saucepan and mix the egg whites with a teaspoon of alum. Heat the mixture to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Then take the cotton cloth and soak it in the egg and alum mixture completely. Take the cloth out and leave it in the microwave oven by placing it in the aluminum foil. Heat the cloth to 300 degrees until it is dry. Take the cloth and rinse it with cold water every 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat the process three to four times after every soak. Then use the cloth to remove the scratches in your phone case. This cloth will have a positive effect on the removal of scratches from your phone case in a much better way than other methods. 

  1. Car scratch removal creams - If you think that the car metal is different from the polymer or silicon-based clear phone case, then you are wrong. Car scratch creams actively work on your phone case too. Some of the creams like Turtle wax, Swirl remover, etc. are helpful. It is because of the wax content and use of natural oils, that fill the micro gaps that the scratches contain and make it vanish. You can also use polishes to fill up the scratches.

 But you should undertake this at your own risk because there are greater chances that your phone case may get even more scratched if rubbed too hard with polishes. Also, the color of the polish may stick to the phone case making it more embarrassing. The most prominent polishes used for phone screens include Silvo, Brasso, etc.

  1. Baking soda treatment - This is one of the well-known techniques when it comes to the removal of scratches. Mix baking soda in a bowl of water at a ratio of 2:1. Mix it until the powder becomes a thick paste. Gently apply it all over the phone case in circular motion focusing on the areas of scratches. Leave it for some minutes and clean the case with a slightly dampened cloth to remove any excess powder traces in the phone case. 
  1. Using Magic erasers - This acts as wet sandpaper. It claims to clear scratches on the phone and in the phone cases, but it does not have any effect over the scratches. Because of its abrasiveness, there are chances that it would create even more scratches in the case if it is used without caution. 

These are some of the home remedies that you can use to clear the scratches from your case. The above-discussed methods can be handy to remove the scratches to a considerable amount. If your phone case is dealt with unremovable scratches, then it is best recommended to change the case rather than doing some hackathons which will never work. 


Wrapping it up:

Using a clear phone case is wearing a white or a light color dress. It looks cool to wear them but you need to be more careful while wearing them. Similar is a transparent phone case material. It is common to get your things a little messy, but the thing is whether you have a remedy to clear the mess. That matters the most. In this blog, we came to know about the clear phone case, the type of material they are made of, and certain home remedies when they have become yellow or brown. The above-discussed methods are those first aid methods that will process to perfection slowly. You could not expect a cent percent results from those home remedies. It should be kept in mind that phone cases need proper care too. They should be cleaned and wiped once in a while to keep it clear. Because it acts as a preamble or a protective showcase to your phone.

If you love your companion ( smartphone) more than anything, then you should love its protector too ( phone case). Take up the shield ( the cleaning cloth) and wipe the dirt away like a spartan!!! 

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