How to decorate a clear phone case


How to decorate a clear phone case:

What do you think is cool? - A case-free iPhone or phone with a decorative phone case. Many of them would strongly believe in the second one. It is not difficult to see iPhones among the population. It has become more usual. But how would you stand out from others? By using attractively designed phone cases. You can look so cool by picking a printed phone case based on trends. That stands only for four to five months. Then you have to buy another case of another trend which is an “unwanted investment”. Instead, if you have a clear phone case, you can use it in your way. You can paint your favorite artists or create your favorite design and make it more unique.

The question is “How can you decorate your clear phone case?”

You need not go to stylists or artists to model your clear phone case. There are certain DIY ways where you can decorate your phone case.

In this blog, we can take a sneak peek about those ways so that you can pick your ideal way of decorating your clear phone case.

Marbling your clear phone case:

What if your decoration gives your phone protection against UV radiation. Amazing, right? Because it can prevent your phone case from becoming yellow or brown. With Marbling your phone case, you can make your phone look stunning. It is similar to polishing your nails.

Let us take a look over the steps:

  1. Take a nail polish and put it in the bowl of water and mix it.
  2. Do it consistently until the marbling mixture comes up to the surface of the water.
  3. Just dip the case into it where you want it to be designed. That is it.
  4. It will be more effective if you use two to three complementary colors to make it more enthralling.

Cross stitching your phone case:

If you want your phone case as a center of talk, you could choose a cross-stitch. For those who think that it is a vintage idea, just forget it. Because vintage is awesome if you combine it with modern technology. Yes, cross stitch patterns for iPhone and Galaxy cases are available in the market. Buy them and indulge some of your creativity by creating your favorite craft in that. Once done, fix the cross stitch to your phone case. It would be so good if you buy a cross-stitched phone case itself. Get a blank cross stitch phone case and put your design on it making it unique.

Using Washi tapes:

If you are a bold or contemporary type of person, this is for you. Washi tapes are decorative adhesive tapes made from Japanese papers. They come in various designs. You can choose your desired tape based on your mood and design. Choose some wild yet bold acrylic colored tapes to make your clear phone case brighter. If you still want to get a vintage tinct, then you can choose vintage tapes. This is one of the best methods to decorate your phone case with a meagre investment. Just visit your local store and grab some amazing tapes for your clear phone case.

Use Bohemian tapestry:

If you want to feel the comfort and smoothness while using your phone, you can try fixing your clear phone case with Bohemian tapestry cloth. For that, you will need a needle, thread, and tapestry cloth to make one. Stitch your cloth with a needle to the phone case on the backside. This will ease your long term phone usage distress. Also, this will make your mobile cozy enough to hold.

Glittering it up:

Some people cover their phones with a clear case because of the external look that their phone has got. They do not want to hide the beauty of their phone. Despite that, they would feel that something is missing. If you are one among them who feel like that, you can add glitters to your clear phone case that makes your phone more exuberant. Clear phone cases lack attraction. Glittering it up would be helpful to make your phone case a subject of attraction.

Using Pressed flowers in the phone case:

Have you ever wondered how nature can help you to design your phone case? Yes, you can. Gather fresh and colorful fallen flowers and press it over your phone case. You can seal the petals from popping out by gluing it. All you need to do is to press the flowers to your phone case and glue the exterior using a resin mixture. This method works more favorably for opaque phone cases, but it is also supportive for your clear phone case too.

Show your artistic talents:

If you are an artist or a craft person, this could be your one-stop solution for decorating your clear phone case using watercolors. Take your paintbrush and spread your thoughts over your phone. Using markers is also a good choice. But if you have any doubts over your artistic abilities, then you can try coloring in an adult coloring book and use that in your phone case.

Decorate using paint swatches:

When you realize that you no longer can create perfect art in a short time, you can go for paint swatches. Head to a local hardware store and collect some bright paint swatches and cut it to the size of your phone. Create a template and stick the swatches to your clear phone case accordingly by cutting out a space for the back camera.

Make it out from stash:

Paper stashes too will help you to create your clear phone case more attractive. Your phone case is transparent and so it is easy to change the designs if you do not like it. In case you do not have a paper stash, it is best to choose old tissue paper or decorative old greeting cards.

Cut the paper according to the size of your phone case and stick it to your clear phone case from the inside.

Graphic designing:

Graphic designers assemble! Let us make the phone case engulfed with graphic design. Don't panic. There is no need for green screens to do that for a clear phone case. All you need to do is to download the free graphic designs that the designers use to release on the internet. Pick one among your favorites and color print it. Fix the paper to the transparent phone case from inside out. If you stick it outside in, there are chances that it will get torn or get destroyed.

Wrapping it up:

A transparent phone case provides wide opportunities to showcase your creative energies over it. Because you can change it according to your moods and beliefs. The above discussed DIY methods will help you to decorate your phone case. If you are sure that you will mess up with your desired technique, try another easier method to decorate your phone case. It is your phone case and you can decorate and experiment on it whatsoever the result is. Because, as we all know, experimentation leads to new findings. Who knows, you may come up with a new design too while trying the above methods. If you do so, please share your craziness with us.

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