Sticky residues are a gooey, or gummy texture that is felt on substances that are tricky to be cleansed. The stickiness denotes the unbearable urge to give it constant notice so that it doesn’t spread or hang on inappropriately. Some residues are tacky and clingy giving a feel of the impossibility of its removal. A mobile case is a daily clutch in our hands that contains a ton of bacteria. As for ORS to the stomach, a sanitizer is needed for mobile phones and cases. It’s a predicament that phone cases are a blooming garden for germs and residues are a bonus, and we are the visitors who just admit to the garden's beauty from the bird's view and ignore the rooting. So, on the contrary, let us acknowledge the breeding over, and put an end!

So, here are some SOLUTIONS to be taken into note, to get rid of these residues:

  • ACETONE: Stickers are gummy made illustrations or images on one side and a sticky adhesive on the other side. Removing this is a challenge depending on the muggy quality of the sticker. Sticker adhesives can tempt a scratch that may cost you an extra expense to buy a new case! So to be more reluctant in usage we prefer the usage of ACETONE. This is present in nail polish removers. In no time of remorse, this is the perfect solution and of efficient costing.
  • COCONUT OIL: Adhesive treatment differs from texture to texture! Plastic surfaces need to maintain durability, to survive orderly they need care in suspending the adhesive. Coconut oil is a budget-friendly answer! Apply coconut oil and rest it with a gentle rub over it. After sometime wipe it off with a moist cloth. And Tadaaaa! Comes out your new case.
  • BAKING SODA: Cases made of rubber and silicone are delicate and tender. So, it's better off with a varied fine-draw line. Start by submerging a cloth or sponge into the dish soap solution with hot water. Rub the cloth over the gum and if the stains and yellowing persist, try baking soda after.
  • VINEGAR: This is a great natural cleanser, and it works for lots of chores around the house. Most of us have some on hand, so for any areas that are not that bad, it can be a reasonable first choice. Wood finishers are absorbents of oil, acetone, water, etc. They are a technical trigger to imply no damage and stiff free result by the end. Vinegar and dish soap together are to be diluted in water and leave it to rest. Wipe it off with a damp cloth making sure that it doesn’t get drenched.
  • HOT WATER: Put a few drops of dish detergent into a sink full of hot water and immerse the phone case into the water to soak until the residue softens. Scratch away the gunk with a plastic scratcher or your fingers. Usage of hard scrubbers has to be avoided to detain texture and looks. Coldwater will not remove sticker residue as effectively as hot water.
  • HAIR DRYER: This is one of the best tools to remove sticker residue in your mobile case. Aim a hairdryer at the sticker residue, turn it on, and allow the hot air to loosen the adhesive for about 30 seconds. This is a convenient and non-damage risk.
  • RUBBER ERASER: Erasers don't only work for errant pencil marks. Use an eraser to remove sticker residue from most surfaces. The rubber surface will roll the residue away. It is a lower cost-driving method. Just give gentle rubbing with an eraser on the gummy area.
  • ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL: It is a rubbing alcohol antiseptic safe for usage. They work great on ceramic as well as plastic surfaces. Not to rub too hard or use it on something very delicate because you might accidentally rub off some of the paint. Instead, soak a paper towel in isopropyl alcohol and wrap it around the surface you’re trying to remove the residue. Let it sit for around 30 minutes and then try to wipe the adhesive away.
  • TOOTHPASTE: Toothpaste contains abrasives that are aggressive enough to remove stains and remnants. The fluoride and baking soda are dirt deserving combinations to wasp them out. Residues don’t come only by its sticky form! Instead, they appear as yellow tarnishing on the case. Unlike alcohol and hot water, toothpaste is user-friendly and harmless. Take some amount of paste and give it a rub with a cloth all over the mobile case. Repeated rubbing with the cleaning cloth conveniently spreads the paste. Wipe off with a damp cloth or wash it in cold water.
  • HAIR SPRAY: Hair spray is another alternate same as alcohol, likely to blend on polyester coated cases. Spray it all over the targeted area and wait till the stain or ink fizzes and dissolves. Then blot it up with a towel and wipe it away gently. Finally, yes it’s a brand new case now!
  • AFTER SHAVE: Metal cases are generally not our type, and yet for those who are helpless on residue removal here is my tip. Aftershave appears as the composition which is a clear solution or micro-emulsion. This lubricant contains antioxidants to fight against the gluey substance and turns it numb and removes it with ease.
  • WINDEX: Windex is an outdoor sprayer that ensures a streak-free shine with necessary pressure or rubbing. It can be used on cleaning glasses, phone screens, cases, etc. they are ammonia-free and are handy by usage. Make sure that there is no source of heat or current nearby using this.
  • PEEL OF MASKS: It isn’t just a saying, “Fight fire with fire”. Sometimes it is better with the same cause as that of the removal. Peel masks are not just cosmetic icons, they hold on to dirt and pull out the blackheads. Take some amount of peel of cream in your applicator and dab it over the gooey substance. After some time once the cream is settled and dry, do a quick pull so that there are no leftovers to deal with.
  • LEATHER CLEANER: It is a tough time dealing with leather cases because they are sensitive to oil, sunlight, heat, and humidity. So they need immense care to do the send-off thing. Alcohol and other solutions may affect the leather either in terms of texture or color fading. So it’s a tremendous task to evict stains. A quick fix for this situation is to mix a certain proportion of gentle soap and dilute it with water. The direct application would disgrace the material properties, thereby apply it with a piece of cloth and wring it along the stained area. Wipe through the case with a damp cloth and it's done. They are also a polishing agent to restore the leather gaze.
  • CORN STARCH: This is a wondering situation and asks me if I'm aware of making something crisp than sticky! Cornstarch is a brilliant cleaning agent in removing all sorts of lints. Mirror mobile cases are the new trend, to go in the flow it's prone to fingerprints and residuals. To get the crystal clear look out of the case we combine cold water, white vinegar, and cornstarch in a spray bottle. Spray the necessary amount over the case and wipe it with a damp cloth making patterns of “S”. This could outshine any other cleaner.
  • MAYONNAISE or PEANUT BUTTER: They are not just food yummies but excellent residue removers. It is a natural adhesive remover. Apply either of them over the sticky area and wait for 10 to 15 minutes and come back with a tissue or cloth to wipe it up. Once the mayo or peanut butter settles it seems to have softened the hard glue beneath it. Wipe it with little pressure and it rolls into a ball easy to clean up. It is a great tip beyond the box.
  • GOO GONE: It is a liquid solution available in small bottles. Dried adhesives are cleanable with their help. It is to be poured into a silky soft cloth, nothing harsh and not over tissues. Once applied it acts on the mobile case surface and loosens the sticky substance and gets it out, in no time. If the gums are irresistible then it requires a little scrub on the surface. This may be a bit of money consuming but yet an effective remedy.

Wrapping it up:

Stickers, labels, and any form of decorations are perfect for identification, branding, labeling, and so on. But they often leave behind a sticky residue which is a common issue. The gummy gunk can be tough and aggressive which grasps attention. So these are several methods to get rid of the glues, the so-called “attention seeker”. Despite the above circumstances, there are other commonly used ways to get rid of residues. Hope they are sound enough to satisfy the residue removal of our dear friend phone cases.

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