How to Hydro dip your phone case?

You need not visit a store or Walmart to buy attractive hydro dipped phone cases. With all the essential items like spray paint, primer, topcoat, a 3d dip of your choice; you can create your hydro dipped phone case at home. All you need to do is to follow the steps (path) that we have come up with, to get a clear picture of what and how to do it in a professional way. 


A short intro:

Bye-bye printing! Hello to eliciting hydro dips. Stay on the shore of pacifism, let's not do it again for a techno duet. The eloquent properties on the positives have a distinctive representation of the former motive to enhance individual satisfaction levels to the consumer. The sole emotion of hydro dipping is solving the clamoring voices. A mobile phone is a relentlessly connective technology that possesses a high-hat. A phone case gives a pompous feeling on its owners’ mindset, with which a revolution is revolted.

Hydro dipping process can be used on metal, plastic, glass, hardware, woods, and various other materials. A similar technique of hydro graphics has been used for more than one millennium to apply patterns that resemble marble onto paper. Moreover, traditional films are limited to repeating patterns and symbols. On the better side, that’s sufficient for applying camouflage on military gear or revamping your old motorcycle with carbon fiber patterns. Hydro dipping is done either with spray paint or the usual paint tins. They have taken over the 3D printers and revolted a philistine with the graciously gleaming hydro dippers.

In this blog, let us know about hydro dipping, the materials required, steps to follow to hydro dip your phone case. Come, let us make our hands dirty.

What is hydro dip?

Hydro dipping is a transfer printing process of dipping any plain material into the water design to create a pattern so that the material looks attractive or glossy. This is the easiest way to design material rather than printing which is the most efficient way to save money on design. Theoretically speaking, it is a decorative art or attractive art that can make your material different and eye-catching. It is one of the popular artistic designs in demand, especially in the United States. It is known by various names including Water Transfer printing, Hydrographics, Cubic printing, etc.

Extra tip: Have you ever wondered what kind of materials can be hydro dipped? That is, apart from Phone cases!  Yes, that is really fascinating stuff to know.

What can you hydro dip?

Whatever you like. But make sure that it is plain material. You can dip your water bottle, cell phone cases, helmet, baseball bat (typically), tumblers, shoes, cloth materials, etc.

While dealing with phone cases, there is a common doubt among the “hydro dip aspirants” - “How to make the dip perfect?” - Read further to get clarity on that.

Do I need accuracy to create stunning designs for my phone case?

Definitely not. There lies no perfection when it comes to hydro dip. All you need is creativity and a glossy design on the water surface that can make your phone case attractive. Moreover, it is not about the accuracy but it is a matter of uniqueness. Yes, every design is unique in its own way and cannot resemble each other. It would be the best choice for those who want to differ from others and stand unique.

Now, let us know the steps that are required to DIY-hydro dip your phone case. Before that, you should know the essentialities to do so.

What kind of phone case types can be hydro dipped?

It can be any material. Be it silicone or rubber or transparent phone cases, the hydro dip would work fine for all kinds of phone case materials irrespective of their kind.

Materials required to prepare a diy hydro dip:

All the materials mentioned below are required to create a DIY hydro dip for your phone case.

  1. Lukewarm water (75-90 Fahrenheit)
  2. Plastic or any container.
  3. A phone case to be hydro dipped.
  4. Primer.
  5. Spray paints of your choice.
  6. A stirring utensil more like a toothpick, paintbrush.
  7. Disposable gloves
  8. Wireless cutters
  9. Topcoat

The whole thing can be substituted with a hydro dipping kit which is available on stores and websites. They come with a precaution and user guide.

Time taken: 15 minutes to prepare the hydro dip and leave it for 2 hours to let it dry.

Now, it is time to get into the steps:

Precaution: It is best advised to use your hand gloves before getting into the preparation. What we are going to deal with is a chemical process that may harm your skin or lead to threatening consequences if you mistakenly consume it. Make sure that you have kept your child below the age of 12 away from this area of operation.

Steps to be followed to hydro dip your phone case:

By moving into the process of hydro dipping it's a pre-note not to indulge in color bleaching as they remit the texture with the paint.

STEP 1- Choose a suitable container

The container should be made up of watertight plastic or metals to a deeper extent to the product to nee submerged. A modern touch of paint could affect three-dimensional products, as in the new solace partner hydro dippers.

STEP 2- Base coating.

Before the rush take a breath and clean the fuss. The container chosen must be free of rust and residues and dust and debris.  Spray the phone case with a base primer provided the limit, enough to coat it but not enough for the primer to run. Apply 1-2 light coats of the base coat spray, and leave the case to dry for one or two hours.

STEP 3- Cut and size them to fit.

Sort out the regions to be colored and uncolored on the phone case and seal them to the surface.

STEP 4- Container setup.

This turns out to be the intensified way of satisfaction. Fill lukewarm water in the container and add the activator to presume the addition of paints. Wait for 2 minutes for the activator to perform. Gently add spray paint of your chosen color in distributive directions and make patterns with the stirring utensil. The water is hydrated with spray paint and is ready for dipping.

STEP 5-  Oh! Phone case its time.

Wear disposable gloves and take the phone case and place it flat at 180degrees and submerge it into the prepared hydro solution. Its charm is stuck to the case and removes the extra with wireless cutters without causing damage to the perfectional peep.

STEP 6- Topcoat or air drying.

Leave the object to dry out. Whoa! What age of Ultron am I witnessing! The magnificent colors are gloomy and set. To avoid misconceptions add a top coat after a damp air drying. Topcoat is a sealant to detain the fresh and clean outer view. Later, spray it with a clear spray sealant as many times as you require. This provides a shimmery and glossy look which is relieving the eye treatment. Spray an even coat over the case and let it dry for several hours. Apply the sealant only after the object is completely dry.

It is amazing that you have finally learned the steps to hydro dip your phone case and create phenomenal designs. But, there are still some people who are pretty embarrassed or afraid to hydro dip. Do you know what are the benefits if you have hydro dipped your phone case? Let us get you to know that.

Benefits of hydro dipping your phone case:

  1. Your clear phone case will never turn yellow - That is cool, right. Instead of looking for the remedies or DIY techniques that can help your transparent case regain its look or design your phone case with some other artistic works, you can simply hydro dip and make it look much more interesting.
  2. It applies to any kind of material - You would be tired of watching YouTube videos of various phone case designing ideas on different phone case materials like silicone, clear phone case or rubber phone cases. No need to stress anymore. This kind of hydro dipping works out fine for any kind of phone case making your work more easier.
  3. Feel Unique - Normal people want to go by the choice of the crowd. Only the different people take their own decision irrespective of what others are thinking about. Being unique, this design attracts different people more than normal peers. If you are one of the people who want to stand unique, use a hydro dip.
  4. Makes you an extrovert - As you know, what you own or wear reflects your personality. Phone cases are not an exception. This is a psychologically proven fact that people reflect their choices through their mindset. In that case, your vibrant hydro-dipped phone case will showcase you are a party person and people would love to mingle with you. If that is your aspiration, then go for a dip.
  5. It gives you confidence - According to some psychologists, there is a positive vibe in those areas where you have bright colors around you. If you have this kind of vibrant phone case, this will help you to think progressively. Also, this is a great stress reliever. If you have got a bad mood. Don’t overthink. Just look at your hydro dipped phone case. It will help you to solve all your problems.

You are still doubtful about how you are going to do it. No worries, You can reach out to the best online phone case designing stores to buy your hydro dipped phone case.

Ending words:

Phone cases depict your style and this hydro dip will definitely showcase your soul’s age. Be you are 20 years or 50 years, you can still own a hydro dip phone case to show yourself a cool person. I am glad that you have learned how to hydro dip your phone case and its benefits. So, why waiting, just pick up the essentials and take a dip. Kudos.

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