How to make a phone case?


How to make a phone case?

You can craft your mobile case in multiple ways by using certain techniques. With all the essential materials that fulfill your creativity and budget, you are all set to make a phone case for yourself. 

We all have overheard a famous saying that goes like “Nothing is permanent”. That applies to your phone case too. It is disgusting to change the phone case every few months due to some factors. It does not seem a huge investment for your phone case, but in recurrent cases, it is hard to digest. What if you can make your phone case all by yourself with your stuff at home. Interesting right?

I can smell the sense of doubt within you. Yes, you could not cope up with the perfection of the professional phone case industries. But I am sure that at the end of the blog, you will be confident enough to start your phone case business at low capital. That is how efficient the below discussed methods and ideas would be. 

So, why waiting? Let us jump into it and explore the opportunities.

Types of phone cases:

There are different types of phone cases that are prevalent in the smartphone markets. But the most prominent and the demanded ones are the transparent ( Clear), Silicone, and plastic phone cases.

Transparent phone cases:

Transparent phone cases are those clear phone cases that you would get when you buy a smartphone. It is not a wonder that most of the renowned smartphone companies like Apple and Samsung have stopped the complimentary clear phone cases. But you can find a clear custom phone case that suits your best interest. You can find them in a general phone store or online phone case stores. 

Silicone cases:

Silicone phone cases are the most preferred option among smartphone buyers. The main reason behind the demand is its design. Silicone phone cases can adapt to any sort of designs and styles that the transparent or any other material phone cases can never adapt to. 

Plastic phone cases:

When it comes to plastic cases, it is preferred by some of the people who concern about durability and protection. Plastic cases too come in various styles that keep a huge mass of people attracted to them. 

Other types of phone cases like Tapestry phone cases, Glittering, and Paint chip phone cases are also gathering the crowd to their side. 

How can I Make a Phone case? 

Now I hope that you are ready to learn how to make your phone case. 

You can earn any phone cases, be it clear or silicone phone cases by using the below methods: 

How to make a clear or custom phone case?

Making a transparent phone case is very easy and affordable. Make sure that you have gathered all the essential ingredients to make a transparent phone case of your style. 

Ingredients needed:

  1. A hard plastic material
  2. Scissors
  3. Parchment paper
  4. Pen or colored pencils
  5. Varnish ( Optional) 

Steps that you should follow:

  1. Take a clean parchment paper and place your phone in the center of the paper.
  2. Mark the measurements of your phone on the parchment paper with the help of a colored pencil.
  3. Cut the paper carefully along the pencil marks and place it in the hard plastic.
  4. You can get a sheet of hard plastic in your house that comes with some package of electronic items. Or you can get a hard plastic sheet in the nearby stationery stores at a very low cost.
  5. Take a permanent marker and sketch along with the parchment paper cutting with an extension of 2 cm along the sides. This is to cover the mobile phone on the sides.
  6. Carefully cut the hard plastic by using the scissors and apply it on your smartphone.
  7. Make some adjustments by cutting holes for your camera, charger, speaker, etc.
  8. Make the corners of the phone case even by using normalizers.
  9. If you need, you can varnish the outer surface of your phone case to make it glossy or attractive. 

That is it. Congratulations, you have made your custom phone case all on your own.

You can further customize your phone case by applying for some creative artistic works. Make sure that you clean your clear phone case at a regular interval. Instead of following random cleaning techniques, you could learn How to clean your clear phone case to prevent yellowing or dirt assembling. 

If you are planning to create a silicone phone case, you cannot follow the above methods to make one. It involves some other unique ingredients and steps. 

Read further to learn how to make a DIY silicone case. 

How to make a silicone phone case?

With all the essential materials in hand, you can create your silicone phone case with less effort. If you think that it will create a waterproof shield, it is time to change your mind. Silicone cases protect your smartphone from external shock and provide a wonderful grip. 

Now, let us look into the essentials: 


  1. 100 grams of Cornstarch
  2. 100 grams of clean silicone
  3. Liquid Dye ( Based on the amount and color you want to craft your case)
  4. Blades
  5. Rolling pins
  6. Acrylic paints
  7. Sandpapers
  8. Hand Gloves
  9. Glass bowl
  10. Parchment paper
  11. Paint Spatula
  12. Measuring tape or steel scale. 

If you could not get a rolling pin, then you can replace it with a glass or wine bottle or spray paint. It is better to get craft blades for your creative work that can make the work much easier. 

Steps to follow:

  1. Cover your hands with a hand glove ( prefer plastic gloves) before getting into the construction process. It is because direct contact with silicone will create some consequences. Silicone has a strong sense of smell. So, ventilate your workplace and cover your face with a facemask.
  2. After preparing your workplace, take a glass bowl and pour the cornstarch and Silicone. There are no perfect measurement criteria. All you need to be aware of is that you have to pour more cornstarch than silicone.
  3. If you want a white silicone phone case, you can leave it white, If not, you can add a liquid dye to the mixture.
  4. Start kneading the mixture until it becomes rough. Initially, the cornstarch will become powdery, but if you continue to knead, it will blend in the mixture and it can make a dough.
  5. After making it a perfect dough, flatten the dough that it measures 0.32 centimeter in thickness.
  6. Put your mobile phone on the dough with the screen facing in the top direction. Cover the sides of the smartphone with the paint spatula.
  7. Make sure that the dough will not have any wrinkles or creases on its endpoints or the surface. Make it as neat and tidy as possible. The surface should be even without any solid bumps on any sides.
  8. If you want to design your silicone case with attractive designs then use design stencils on the backside of the dough-case before it hardens. All you need to do is to dust the dough with cornstarch and press the design stencils on it.
  9. Let the silicone dough dry. The dough never follows a solid drying time. It depends on the material and the weather conditions. It may take 2 hours to 24 hours to harden.
  10. After hardening, you may fit your smartphone to the case. If you find the inner surface dusty, you may clean it up using a damp cloth.
  11. Now it is time to cut your silicone case to be spacious for your camera, charger, and speakers. Measure them with a thick marker and cut accordingly. Using a craft blade for cutting out will help a lot.
  12. Smoothen the entire case with sandpaper. You can even add some creative artistic works using acrylic paints or nail polish if you want. And your silicone phone case is ready to use. 

If you want to stand out from the commoners and be different, you can prefer a hot glue phone case. 

How to make a phone case with hot glue?

With all the home materials, you can optimize a hot glue-based phone case effectively. All you need to do is to collect the ingredients and follow the steps. 


  1. Hot glue gun.
  2. Parchment paper
  3. Permanent markers
  4. Tapes
  5. Colored pencil
  6. Nail polish or acrylic paints. 

Arrange the glue sticks along with the hot glue gun. It is best recommended to gather dry parchment paper than wax paper. Because it will stick to the glue making the whole operation a mess. 

Steps to follow:

  1. The first step is to cover your phone case with parchment paper and seal it with tape.
  2. Mark the speaker, volume buttons, chargers, and headset holes with a colored pencil or a permanent marker.
  3. Make sure that the parchment paper had covered the entire phone and sealed it with the tape. Place a baking paper below the phone and place the phone upside down.
  4. Now, take a hot glue gun and encircle the outer parts of your phone sides and create a design with a glue gun.
  5. It is best to start from the sides as it would not affect the pattern of the glue gun over the smartphone.
  6. If you have any artistic ideas, you can apply your design over your phone.
  7. Leave it for some hours so that the glue gets hardened.
  8. After it gets hardened, you can apply nail polish or any acrylic paints over the case and make it more attractive.
  9. Leave it to cool and your phone case is ready to use. 

Make sure that the glue does not cover your camera and other plugins. If that had happened, use a craft blade to cut the glue residue from the phone case. 

You can also use other methods to create a phone case by covering it with tapestry cloth and other art craft materials according to your wish. 

Knowing these secrets about making a phone case, it is not a surprise that you are thinking to start a phone case business. I am not going to say that it is a tough job. Phone case business is one of the emerging business ideas that are sprouting in. You should know what the business needs other than capital to fit in. 

How to start a Phone case business?

With certain business strategies other than the manufacturing capital, you can successfully run a phone case business with ease. 

If you think that you will need a manufacturing unit to run a phone case business, I would like to make it clear that that is not necessary. There are a variety of options where you can start your phone case business at ease. 

  1. Collaborate with a manufacturer - If you are great at designing cases, you can collaborate with phone case manufacturers and sell phone cases after designing.
  2. Dropshipping - You can do a Dropshipping business for your clients to get their desired phone cases.
  3. Set up a Manufacturing unit - Only if you have a unique idea of creating phone cases by applying proper research. 

Wrapping it up:

It is nothing wrong with dreaming big. A choice is given and it is up to you to craft one for you or start a service-based business in phone cases. Eventually, you have learned how to make phone cases and that is the purpose. I hope that you are confident enough to make a phone case right away. It is time to know how to paint your phone case to paint it like a pro. All the best!!!

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