How to make a phone case with pictures?

Have you ever thought you kept your phone in a dusty or polluted place without a back cover? Mobile phones are a primary part of today's generation, and keeping them secure is also a troublesome job, but thank god we own phone cases to keep them secure. But is it just about protection, or do you like safety with style? Yes, we are discussing simple yet stylish and trendy mobile cases with pictures. If you have a smartphone, you should go forward and get a look at why cell phone cases are needed and important to guard your device. If your phone has a speck of dirt, scratch, and other daily damage, then you must have a phone cover to protect it from such losses. 

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Cell phone cases with pictures are available in several patterns and styles. Apart from improving your mobile phone's artistic interest, amazing phone cases and covers help many different purposes as well, which offers them a pretty safe investment. Phone cases come in a wide variety of designs that enables you to choose the one that also shows your preferences and matches your lifestyle. If you like using mobile accessories as trend statements, you can see fashionable cases in different looks for your phone.

Phone cases with pictures are beneficial, easy to clean, helps you to protect your phone, and engage people who are looking to add some uniqueness or extra functionality into the one device they cannot exist without. One of the most beneficial things about mobile cases is that they are ready at reasonable prices. They are also easy to replace as per your requirements.

What are The Benefits of Having a Cell Phone Case?

If you don’t get a cell phone cover, you will be using the same mobile phone model, which multiple of your colleague's family members and friends have. But if you can buy a guarding phone case, you will be capable to make it look stylish. When you own a cell phone cover, you will be capable to present added security to your device. In different words, you don’t want to bother about unexpected falls. You can have a phone cover with a camera case, which you will love. This can help you to modify your smartphone from other phone users of the same model, which your friends and colleagues use.

If you have purchased a suitable phone case, which guards against shocks and falls, you will be able to keep peace of mind while you use the smartphone as you do not have to worry about anything. A phone case can provide you with an order of different advantages as well. You are already using your smartphone to get a mixture of tasks done daily. You can improve it with the help of cell phone covers. You will be able to get a more trustworthy grip on your mobile phone with the support of a phone case. This feature can provide you with the opportunity to hold the cell phone cover quite well.

Reasons Why You Should Have Phone Cases with Pictures:

Imagine having a smartphone cover with a picture of you or your loved ones on it, yes you read it right. That is possible as well. You just require to go forward with a customized phone case. Moreover, you are provided with the possibility to add any favored design to your mobile cover. This is something that you are going to love about cell phone cases with pictures. Your smartphone goes along with you all day long. You can quickly get addicted to your mobile, giving all the effort to keep it looking modern and attractive.

This reason is enough to describe why you should use cell phone covers to add a fascinating style to your phone. A cheap cell phone cover can absorb environmental losses and treat your phone from physical scratches as well. Many companies produce themes and models to attract users. You can get various themes, and give your mobile phone a unique look every day with extraordinary phone cases. You can buy seven distinct colors for seven days and improve them each day to make a custom statement at work or college.

Throughout the day, your handheld phone devices become exposed to a lot of different risks. Even a tiny scratch on the screen can make you crazy and create a bit challenging to use the device. Whether you are a follower of sports or comic characters from your teens, you can discover an exclusive selection of cell phone covers at each mobile hardware shop. We will discuss certain benefits in detail throughout the next section. Remember, your phone represents you.

Complete Protection from Phone Case with Pictures:

Enhances Phone Durability: Your phone is always guarded with a designed phone cover, and for this reason, one should continue with a designed phone cover. It also helps increase the stability of the phone. Going with picture phone cases you will guarantee that your phone is at a lower risk of external damage.

Matches Different Lifestyles: Phone cases occur in various designs and styles originally as there are too many models of cellphone users. Some people might go with a simple but luxurious design, and on the other side, others might favor a brighter and fresh style you can go with your preference.

Effective Protection: The primary goal of a custom phone case is to shield your phones from damage, a cut, and oil spills. On top of that, cases consume shock, so if you unintentionally lose your phone, you can plan surely that it will not get destroyed or at least will have more inferior damage.

Trendy: Not only do phone cases defend smartphones but they come up with the most modern style and fashion as well. You can customize these covers to suit your taste. You should always look for phone cases with pictures that best fit your phones and tastes as well.

How to Choose a Phone Case with Picture?

If you have no hint where to begin and it appears like a daunting responsibility then you are at the best place. You can now buy cases that will safeguard your phone-facing accidents, and it won't make you feel like you're dropping out of the style. Here are seven different types of cases that include safety with style. We have different types of materials you can go with.

  1. Fabric: Covers composed out of fabric stuff seems a little strange at first, but once you analyze them, they are almost difficult to refuse. They are way more comfortable to hold than a regular case and do not seem like you are holding a case. They are comfortable, stylish, and unique. You can customize them as per your wants. Also, you can get them in a mixture of colors and patterns to match your personal style.
  2. Leather: Leather phone covers are known for their gripes, they are very grippy, so if you are someone who falls his phone many times, this is the way to go with leather cases. Vintage enthusiasts should check out leather cases for their phones. The best thing about leather phone cases is, they are easy to wash.
  3. Phone Skins: This option is the best for those who are willing to customize their phones. This option is the best option for those who are looking for a photo case picture. We suggest spending on smartphone skins as they let you personalize your phone.
  4. Wallet Cases: If you want a picture case with a pocket in it, this option suits you. Many organizations trade covers that have added pockets in them. You can make it your picture case and wallet at the same time. The decision is yours!

How Do You Decide What’s Your Best Option?

There are many types of protective cases coming in the market like a leather case, fabric case, plastic case, rubber case, and many other types. Today you will get a different mobile cover, which is marked on the cover and you can mark on the cover as per your wishes. You will find a variety of stylish mobile covers that will improve the beauty of your phone.

Different pattern: Phone covers come in all patterns, colors, shapes, and stuff. The most reputable companies are casting all varieties of new smartphone cases. Below, you can review protective stylish, and all-purpose cases for your new devices.

Your Design: Your preference is the most essential factor when it comes to deciding on which printing method you should use. If your idea includes many different colors, modifications, intricate details, or photo images. Your printing system will need to be able to provide these. The size and style of cases you need are required. If you’re seeking to get phone cases printed in different styles then you are in right place.

How to Make a DIY Mobile Phone Case with pictures?

Possibly you want to customize a phone cover for fun, or you want a design for a last-minute Christmas gift? Or maybe you own a mobile phone for yourself that just doesn’t look good or fit in any case? If you are someone with these conditions this article is helpful for you. Below you will find some amazing and easy ways to customize your phone at home in few steps.

Take a measure of your phone: Measure length, width, diameter, and height. Prepare the material: you just need to prepare a sheet of paper, cloth, wood, or a picture that you like to see on your back to cover. Now simply, glue together two sheets of paper, cloth, or the material you have purchased for your customized cover. And then cut off a strip that’s as separated as half your phone’s width + closure adjustment. In case you are not sure if the phone cover suits, make the pattern more scattered rather than nearer. Otherwise, you won’t be capable to make changes if it’s too small.

Folding part: Now close the base point over your phone to get the right length for the pocket. The phone should point a little so you’re capable to pull it out instantly without becoming to fumble for a while.

Shaping part: For forming the cover you can easily cut off the edges or turn them. To do that mark the edge by collapsing the corner, fold, unfold both sides together, and cut off, and your photo phone case is ready.

Some Important Printing Ideas for Picture-Cases

  1. Screen Printing: Screen printing is a type of presswork method that comes to mind when most people think of printing. Screen printing, also identified as serigraphy or silk screening. It is a type-setting method with a great history beginning as far back as 100 years before in China. A traditional style enables you to publish on a variety of several materials, from t-shirt materials to wood within the use of stencils. So this idea is great for people who are trying to get a customized photo printing cases. Silk or screen printing provides you with a print in particular styles of phone cases. The most famous style is gel/TPU soft rubber cases.
  2. Digital UV Printing: A process that was basically produced for fast drying nail polish while manicures, this method has quickly grown into the industrial and commercial markets. You can definitely go with this particular method as it is not time-consuming. Digital UV composition is a process that applies ultraviolet light to drain and correct the ink as it is impressed onto your phone cases. Digital UV printing allows great durability. Your phone case ideas will be resistant to remove and tear scratches, and sun exposure. 
  3. Embossing and Debossing: The method requires the usage of two dies: the leading die is built and the other is recessed. An embossed image will be raised against the background of your phone case, while a debossed model is settled into the surface. Embossing and debossing are the processes where you will raise or recessed pictures onto your phone cases. 
  4. Heat Transfer Printing: A great benefit of heat transference printing is that it can be used on most materials. You’re ready to get high-quality pictures on metal plastic, polyurethane, wooden, or leather phone cases. Your printed object is installed onto your phone cover and controlled to high-temperature and request for a short period. Once finished, your phone case is left to cool; after which the discharge paper is removed and your design will be transferred onto your case. This thermoplastic paint is important as it provides you with obtaining the high temperatures needed to create the particles to adhere to your phone cases. This method includes your design being type-setting onto a specific release paper using a plastisol-based ink. Using this process allows you to print complex images (including photographic images), with a wide variety of colors and intricate and durable designs, won’t fade, bleed, or peel.
  5. 2D and 3D Sublimation Printing: The process starts by marking your preferred design or picture onto specific transfer paper using dye sublimation paints. Once the printer creates changes the difference between 2D and 3D printing comes into play. Supposed to be one of the famous and superior techniques to print. Sublimation is a biochemical method whereby your preferred design moves from a solid to a gas – skipping the liquid stage. Applying the sublimation print method will provide you with excellent designs. So that the ink soaks your phone cases and the prints can’t convert into flake, crack, or damaged.

Points you should consider:

If you are going to customize your phone case from a recognized workshop then you should definitely ask few questions regarding that.

  • What presswork method will they use?
  • How's the final quality?
  • If there was a problem with the shipment, did the print supplier make restitution?
  • Were deadlines met? If not, what did they to get amends?
  • Were all commitments met?
  • How lengthy have you served with this person/supplier?
  • How many organizations did you place?
  • Was your contact easy to work with?
  • Are they responsive to emails/calls?
  • What type of line do they excel in?
  • What time products were printed?

Wrapping it up:

Making your phone cases marked with a fashion figure can be tough sometimes be frustrating, nerve-wracking, stressful, and it’s definitely going to be time-consuming. But, now you have these ideas to make your phone case stylish. As you move along the process, everything will become more relaxed and limited intimidating. Hopefully, the information you have gathered will set you in a great position when it reaches making the printing of your own designs.

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