How to make money selling phone cases on Amazon?

If you're planning to start a company, I can't describe how important it is to take advice first. You'll discover some helpful tips and tricks in this blog on how to start from scratch. You will also have exposure to a network of support to help you resolve any challenges you are facing with your business startup. 

If you want to start a business with phone cases, you should go with your site. Finding a platform that meets your ideal customer's desires and needs is easy if you know who they are. You just have to consider their problems and conditions and an opportunity for a product that will present itself. Initially, start your phone case business with a third-party retail giant like to get more exposure. 

A mobile phone is a significant investment that must be safeguarded. So people would be relying on a compelling phone case with intelligent features. Let us jump into the directions that would help you start your phone case company from scratch by putting your product on Amazon.

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How to Begin with a Phone Case Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

You don't have to give up your full-time job to make a decent side income selling phone cases. Establish a Lucrative Niche.

Yes, you can do that with your job as well. Everything is fascinating, and if you have an idea, that's amazing!

Start by making a list of your interests and passions. You'll need a story to back up your company if you want it to succeed. Create a visual style for your business. Now that you've hit your niche, it's time to convert that niche into your brand's visual style.

Take a trip to Google and see what's currently available. Using something like Pinterest, assemble your pictures into a vision or theme display. Your platforms don't have to be limited with images for phone cases. As you fill in the details on your board, a color palette will appear. You have two alternatives from here: design your chances (whether you're interested in art) or hire a designer to assist you.

If you need to develop your case, go for it! Alternatively, it's time to find a designer who works in your preferred style and can help you deliver your brand to life. Use Twitter, Facebook, or your network to get in touch with people.

How will you sell your new phone cases?

Let us just take a look at the most critical question for your business. Where do you sell phone cases? There are thousands of platforms, including online and offline marketplaces, where you can sell your phone cases. And where you sell your phone case will be determined by a variety of factors, including:

  • Your target market (who are your ideal customers, and where do they shop?)
  • Your style (do you have any more active groups in the design of your cases?)
  • Your position (Is your case advertised as a high-end item? (Or anything more practical?)

Sometimes the best place to start is when you already have a pleasant platform like and would not have to worry about the issues that come towards working with a new platform. But you should not wholly depend on a third-party retailer like Amazon alone. Read further to get enlightened.

Decide on how you'll sell

Going for Amazon should be a side-kick if you want to be a serious entrepreneur. That means you should not wholly rely on Amazon FBA for your phone case business.

You should have a firm idea of what you're going to make and who you’re targeting.  It's now time to decide how you'll simply begin your phone case company.

You can choose from various business models, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Pick Your Sales Channels. Separate your production based on your sales funnel and for Amazon. That way, you can have multiple sources of sales and generate income from various windows. This will not only give you profits but also confidence. Now let me enlighten you on how to start selling on Amazon.

How to start selling your phone case on Amazon?

Combining with companies and brands is indeed an ideal place for your new business to create massive sales. Most large firms purchase vast quantities of products here at amazon.

Building relationships with an organizational promoter or brand marketing or collaborations manager at an organization would be interested in collaborating with is a great way to get started. It's time to get into the details of selling phone cases online if you've worked out your niche, marketplace, and manufacturing process.

After this, you will be going to sell your phone cases online; you need to spend some time now setting up your business and doing some simple ads to help your company run itself. Let us get into the steps:

  1. If you are an individual who has just started your phone case business, then you'll need to look at a few main features to sell your product.
  2. The phone case supplier ranking and the volume of time in business are two of the most significant factors.
  3. You should avoid any company which had only been in business for a year or less because they seemed too risky.
  4. If you do not have any resources to start your phone case business, you can get phone cases from a reputed online phone case store and resell them. You should choose the best retail supplier to diversify your market.
  5. Speaking of which, you should go with Amazon as they are trendy now. Many people are finding that being an Amazon Prime seller allows them to be their boss.
  6. The Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service has a lot to give to the sellers, and it is the best choice to go for Amazon FBA.

How to make money on amazon by selling phone cases?

For most phone case solopreneurs, this is a fantastic option. Amazon's "Handmade" section, which launched in 2015, is an invite-only marketplace that gives you access to Amazon's vast monthly buyer base while also offering a curated experience for designers and artisans. You can introduce your phone case in the handmade section of the Amazon online marketplace.

Your product must comply with Amazon's definition of "handmade" criteria. Make sure that you upload quality pictures of your phone case with a white background. Amazon never takes a penny from you for selling your phone cases through their site. But they will charge a percentage fee for being intermediation. They also provide referral charges for any sale by the affiliates, which goes up to 15% based on the product.

It's difficult to imagine selling something online without considering Amazon.

It is arguably the biggest e-retailer in thought worldwide, with over 310 million active users and $136 billion in revenue in 2016. However, bigger is always better, and while Amazon is a great place to find things, it's also easy to earn money by selling your products here.

Benefits of selling your phone case on Amazon

If you already have an online store or exploring a career change, selling with Amazon FBA provides you with a massive sales opportunity. You'll have access to an increasing pool of established customers once your items are listed in Amazon's gigantic online catalog. Globally, the website has over two million sellers, with gross revenue of billions of dollars. When sellers use the FBA software to sell their goods, they will immediately attract millions of customers online.

There's no need to recruit staff

When you sell on Amazon, you can believe that you have a new job that you need to outsource. The most important advantage of the FBA program is that you would not need to recruit new workers. All customer care is handled by Amazon, which means you won't have to waste your time following up on orders. However, all of the most effective sellers manage certain aspects of customer service themselves, especially when it comes to product quality and critical concerns. Amazon also makes it easy for vendors who choose not to pack and ship their items.


You get better delivery rates when you use the Amazon FBA service. As you might be aware, fluctuating shipping rates will hurt your business and drive away customers who want to avoid paying high shipping costs. Amazon FBA provides you with low-cost delivery solutions that will make your customers happy.

Returns and shipping are easy

When you get an order, you'll learn that packaging and delivering it yourself takes a tremendous amount of time. Print a packing slip and shipping label, fold your package, properly pack the item, tape the box, put the shipping label on it, drop it off at your local post office, or have it picked up by the shipping company. At first, this could work well for you. However, as your company expands, doing this 10-30 times a day can become overwhelming. You'll waste a lot of time just with the shipping process.

Despite all these advantages, it will be still lurking if you know that you could only fulfill the transportation area, and if you do, there will be no need for Amazon FBA. You can start your phone case business with your line of transportation.

If you are thinking about that, follow the below-mentioned marketing methods for selling your phone case successfully:

Five Fail-Safe Marketing Methods for Selling Phone Case

For any business owner, digital marketing is a must-have ability. So, in this section, we'll address the most successful marketing tactics for a phone case organization.

Creating a brand

The most effective way to create a successful company is by advertising. Your profit is the difference in value between your brand and the product. For instance, all carbonated beverages are the same. Certain brands, on the other hand, some of the leading and famous brands control the supply not because their product is equal to everyone else's, but because their brand is the power.

Paid Advertisements

Paid advertisements are the simplest and quickest way to reach out through your business. The amazon market summary report will provide you with additional details about your target market and ad targeting. The best way to engage with potential customers before they make a purchase decision is through content marketing.

Here's how an online phone case business works. Many people purchase a phone case when they are buying a new phone. As a result, your target market should be people who've been planning to buy a phone shortly. What kind of online content would they be looking for now? They'll look for phone comparisons, reviews, buying guides, and special deals.

Usage of social media

Social media has awakened 2.5 billion people around the world. So, if you don't have a proper social media marketing plan in place for your phone case company, you're wasting money. Marketing with content: Ads for your phone case business are quick and straightforward to set up, but they are costly.

That's why you'll need a long-term plan for attracting customers to your online shop. That is why you must concentrate on content marketing. Ads for your phone case company are fast and straightforward to set up, but they are costly. That's why you'll need a long-term plan for attracting customers to your online shop. That is why you must concentrate on content marketing.

Summing it up

We've covered how to start a phone case business from scratch and how to sell your phone cases online with amazon. We've spoken about how to choose tools that will help you concentrate on your business. Then we talked about where to look for phone cases to sell and marketing methods to successfully sell your phone case by yourself instead of depending on Amazon. We, at Clearphonecases, have come across all these odds, and we are happy that we have guided young solopreneurs to start their phone case business through us.

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