How to put vinyl on a phone case?

Priorities list begins right from constant seekers, and here is the one who tops the list! You got it perfectly suitable. It’s our mobile phone. Mobile phones are a gem that makes work simpler and efficiently productive. It keeps our relationships intact and geographical locations on track. Can you adjust the fact that gravity and water are more fond of having your phone? It's going to be a traumatic experience with notorious results watching our beloved in pain.

No worries, we got the best security in town! Wave a hi to the phone cases that are revolutionizing all around. Praise it with a price. Phone cases are inexpensive, and they guard the phone in all possible ways depending upon the style of the case and its quality cover. Built of the case must have a perfect blend of smooth sides which enhances better grip while holding the phone. A phone case maintains sturdiness to give protection and is a subtle agent friendly to carry and use. The best way to avoid damage and protect the display is with a good scratch guard. This way, neither the visual experience nor phone display safety is compromised! Phone cases are just another accessory made with plastic, silicone, crochets, washi strips, or a lot more. Vaunting its look adds to the style statement of oneself. In the order of these cases, vinyl cases came to the rise, taking their place among the power players.

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What is Vinyl?

Vinyl, also known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), is a synthetic polymer plastic that feels tough, rigid, durable, and has flame-retardant properties. Vinyl was earlier used in making pipes, insulation of wires, and to date, they remain a hostile substance in the making. Pipes are hard and stiff, so there blew the idea to add vinyl in phone case making. In the modern world of heartbreaks, vinyl entered to provide flexibility and provided good insulating properties from toxic mishaps.

Benefits of choosing vinyl to decorate the phone case

  • Vinyl is an affordable element to make art out of it. There are a bunch of several uses for vinyl decals and lettering. Moreover, the typical cut vinyl application is as simple as peeling off the back of a sticker.
  • They are long-lasting and are more extraordinary, giving a fresh look.
  • One of the specific reasons to choose vinyl is that they are safe, fast, and easily applicable. Some paints release smelly toxins and harmful compounds. Usage of vinyl can avoid releasing toxins into the atmosphere. 
  • They are made with 100 percent accuracy and are environment-friendly.
  • Implanting vinyl decorations cut down labor costs. The fast-drying ability saves time, unlike the paints and pastes. 
  • Even with time viny,l is noncorrosive.
  • Vinyl has a unique print texture that gives it a sleek appearance and incredible durability. 
  • It is thin in texture and lightweight with visually appealing looks. 
  • The vinyl stickers are adaptable to all types of phone cases irrespective of plastic, wood, silicone, glass, or any other.
  • The color availability is high and has a high flame retardant ability.
  • Vinyl requires less maintenance and will never peel, rot, or revoke.

Which phone case is the best applicable to put vinyl?

Vinyl is an all-rounder who adapts quickly and aptly to every surface of phone cases. Metal cases, plastic cases, silicone cases, battery cases, wallet cases, light cases, glass cases, mirror cases, or any other vinyl suits without hindrance. Vinyl stickers can be used for every occasion.

Which vinyl should I use on a phone case?

Vinyl is available in either rolls or sheets 12 inches wide. The two significant categories of vinyl are adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl. Adhesive vinyl is a thin and flexible material with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. This facilitates trimming or cut in any design easily and can be applied to all kinds of smooth or hard surfaces. Adhesive Vinyl comes in different colors and a perfect finish. This has a paper backing and is gummy to touch when that backing is peeled off.

Heat Transfer Vinyl is a similar material with a heat-activated adhesive designed to work with fabric surfaces aiding printing patterns. Whereas transfer vinyl does not have a paper backing, it has a transparent plastic carrier sheet that wraps the top of the vinyl. The other side of the adhesive is not sticky.

Permanent adhesive vinyl is perfect for outdoor signs, car decals, phone cases, storefronts, mugs, or other items that will go through the dishwasher. Most permanent vinyl retains a glossy finish, while the other may give a matte finish. Permanent vinyl can be removed, but it may damage the walls, similar to the paint removal. The best choice is choosing a permanent vinyl because it has extra long-lasting adhesive stickiness.

The holographic and metallic vinyl are often stiffer, and because of that, it works best with designs made up of smaller pieces rather than large stretches of vinyl. Similarly, the stretch vinyl works better with stretchy knit, ribbed, or athletic fabrics, which are favorable in elasticity. All heat transfer vinyl is washable, but following some reasonable guidelines will help your finished piece stay looking good for a more extended period.

All together, all vinyl adhesives stand over any weather situation, be it sun, rain, or dust.

In a broad sense, if your surface is tough and smooth (applicable for things like walls, mugs, bottles, picture frames, mirrors, boxes, etc.), then go with permanent adhesive vinyl. If your surface is soft and can withstand heat (applicable for clothes, shoes, books, tote bags, etc.), heat transfer vinyl will work best. To decorate indoor furniture and spaces, opt for an indoor adhesive vinyl.

Varieties of vinyl adhesives

  • Glitter
  • Chalkboard
  • Stencils
  • Metallic
  • Glow in the dark.
  • Etched glass
  • Transparent vinyl
  • Patterned vinyl

Without delay, let’s hop into the DIY procedure to put vinyl on the phone cases.

Supplies necessary to craft a phone case with vinyl

  • Permanent adhesive vinyl
  • Cricut maker
  • Acrylic sealer
  • Reader tool
  • Transfer tape/ transfer paper
  • Images / graphical drawings
  • A phone case of any quality you have chosen.

Procedure to use vinyl to decorate your phone case

Step 1: Illustrate an image or a drawing of your wish to be designed and printed on the case you have chosen. Alter the dividing segments to stay put with the issue preventing slips and falls. According to your phone model, as the model changes, the length, height, and breadth vary. Align the drawing from the top left corner.

Step 2: Using a permanent vinyl, eases usage and there is no necessity to cut down into the size of the design, instead wait till the latter procedure.

Step 3: Load the vinyl sheets into the Cricut maker and wait till the design is imprinted, and apply the same process on the other colors if your design comprises different colors. The Cricut will quickly trim the material.

Step 4: Unload the vinyl sheets from the Cricut maker. Let it settle for 5 minutes.  Grab a reader tool and scrape out the corners of the printed vinyl to ensure the edge-to-edge contact of vinyl to be stuck on the phone case.

Step 5: Once the design is all neatly scraped, place it on a transfer paper. A transfer paper is an adhesive paper with a sticky feel consisting of grid lines to align. A transfer tape can also be used, but the tape is small and cannot occupy more significant designs, and has no grid lines. A transfer paper is not reusable as it loses its ability after one use.

Step 6: Press down the vinyl’s design to the transfer paper, furnish it, and apply pressure until the transfer paper’s vinyl designs stick.

Step 7: Peel off the excess vinyl sheet from the transfer paper. Ensure the entire design is ready to pull out. If not, furnish it again and pull out the sheet.

Step 8: Now it’s time to place the neatly cut decals on your phone case. Lay the transfer paper on the phone's case after removing the paperback and evenly add pressure over it. Take out the scraper and furnish the vinyl sticker entirely to the case. Brush it downwards and ensure it's fully stuck to the surface and pull the transfer paper out. Redo the process to and more designs and patterns.

Step 9: And there moves our mouth, stretching W-O-W at the resulting output.

Step 10: As a final touch, I recommend sealing the top surface of the phone case with a mod podge clear acrylic sealer. Sealing the design will just help the design stay put and repel water and protect against dust.

Name customization

Nothing more elegant is as easy and affordable to decorate your phone case as having your identity on it. You can design something eye-catching and distinctive or just use simple lettering for a more classic and professional look. 

  • Easy identification: When something is unique about yourself, people talk about it. Give them reasons to talk more about your uniqueness.
  • Matches different styles: A name lettering on a phone case is suitable for any occasion, be it a party or festival. The cases consume shock, so if you unintentionally lose your phone, you can plan surely that it will not get destroyed or at least will have more inferior damage, instead choose the texture of the case and design accordingly.
  • Stay put with the trend: Trend is a determinant of everyone's updation.  Name and captions customization of our wish exposes the inner self. Not only do phone cases uphold smartphones, but they defend and come up with the most unusual and modern style and fashion as well. You can customize these covers to suit your taste. You should always look for phone cases with custom names that best fit your phone and preferences.
  • Different pattern: Phone covers come in all forms, shades, shapes, and equipment. The most reputable firms are tossing all varieties of new smartphone cases.

Final words

Making phone cases with a fusion of trend and chic looks is way more fabulous for oneself. Choices with vinyl are a perfect investment to put forth for mobile phones with cost-effectiveness. Vinyl is a timeless, charming ingredient to cultivate interests in customized phone cases. A little innovation and creativity give rise to new product announcements. It's nerve-wracking and de-stressing to work with the mind rather than the internet. Persistently talking, now you have these ideas to make your phone case stylish. As you move along the process, everything will become more relaxed and limited intimidating. Hopefully, the information you have gathered will set you in a great stance when it reaches making the printing of your designs.

Thoughtful people are the most receptive and competent to prepare their hands-on skills. They find every possible way to make a quirk out of any lot. Do your thing and cling to the soul with an artistic sense which defines you. Vinyl is either expensive or cheap. Check for its capability and order yours.

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