How to remove pop sockets from the phone case?

The pop socket is an exciting novelty that has taken the world a pop-up in the digital era. The pop sockets are the trendsetters to hit the scene. It is a perfect invention because as the phone sizes grow, the risk of clutching the phone increases accordingly.

They initially came up with a circular design that resembles a big button stuck behind a phone. Later on, as their demand increased, the designer pop sockets got into the market. They were of varied sizes and shapes like a square, fur ball, customizable ones, etc.

Yet another processing happened and pop sockets came out with graphic designs and cartoons associated with it. The funky cartoons gave cute and appealing looks that grabbed eyes.

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Various Ways of using Pop Sockets

  • Phone grip: The pop sockets are held within two fingers and provide excellent grip and anti-slip functionalities. Not all phones are hard enough and can tolerate a crack, so a pop socket is a savior to protect the fragile ones from any damage. How cool is it? Now you can multi-task with one hand and zero fear of dropping it down.
  • Camera protection: Phone cases do not always aptly secure the camera rims. A pop socket, either when expanded or collapsed, adds a slump behind the case. The slump gives rise to the body of the phone and avoids direct ground contact.
  • Easy selfies: Do you own a mobile phone bigger than your hands? Is it a complex struggle to click a selfie? Don't worry, the answer is curated, neat and simple, and that is the pop socket. With the help of pop sockets, we can avoid mishaps when holding up for a selfie. Shoot fear-free pictures and selfies with the grab of just a pop socket.
  • Media stand: Here comes the perfect stand to watch, shoot, work on your phone with ease. A hands-free undisturbed watching is all you need for a tiptoed horror film. When placed on a lower area of the phone's back, the pop socket can hold your phone upright and give an eligible and hinder free facetime with your boss. Placing it in the middle of the phone case can adapt a horizontal screen view that is most wished-for movies and other accessibility. One favorable fact is that you can enjoy stalking your favorite person or binge-watch your admirable tv-shows with no strain on your hands.
  • Cord wrap: It's not a lovely feeling when you face the sight of a tangled earphone. For such a headache, pain relief is never the solution. Place two pop sockets at a certain distance on the backside of the phone case. Roll the wire or swirl it along the body of the two sockets. A charger wire, earphone, or any wire can be saved from tangling.

Yet, Pop sockets are still disgusting for some people. Some people love plain grips rather than sockets. Some of them may have done with the pop sockets. For those, here is a guide on how to remove your pop socket and keep your mobile as cool as before.

How to remove a pop socket?

A pop socket has a simple mechanism that involves a sticky gel or slimy adhesive on the back that helps it stick to your phone or the phone case. The glue attached to the case is hard enough. The adhesive may have difficulty sticking to certain materials like silicone, leather, waterproof or textured cases, etc.

Materials required

  1. A dental floss.
  2. An ID card or any type of card, say credit cards, gift cards, or any sharp tool with less risk.
  3. A razor blade or a plastic knife can also substitute.


Step 1: Place your phone case on which the pop socket is attached above any flat surface. The pop socket may best be collapsed or pushed in to perform the removal. They have a solid adhesive that can potentially damage your phone if not discarded with intense care.

Step 2: Once you’re ready to remove your pop socket from your phone, you will need a card, either a credit card, gift card, or I.D. Carefully wedge your card under the pop socket to lift it off your phone case. Once there is a kink beneath the socket and surface, go slow and be careful not to damage the sticky gel so that you can reuse the pop socket again.

Step 3: After pushing the socket, carefully run the dental floss underneath the pop socket to swipe it off from the phone case. Slide the floss slowly straight down with slight pressure until the pop socket is entirely removed.

Step 4: Place the pop socket in cold water until you reuse the same pop socket. If not, dispose of it.

Alternative procedure

If you don't have any of the materials denoted above, here runs a hurdle-free option to remove pop sockets from the phone case.

Step 1: Collapse the pop socket to the phone’s surface or the case before performing the removal.

Step 2: Place the phone on a flat surface and get underneath the base using the nails on your fingers. Gently let your nails around the edges and create a kink.

Step 3: Continuing in this way, you create a lever on the pop socket to push away from the phone softly until the base disconnects completely.

Step 4: Place the pop socket facing upward on a table.

Step 5: Rinse the pop socket in cold water to eliminate extra residues and to re-activate the gooey adhesive behind the socket. Don't wipe off the residue or place it under direct sunlight. These activities may cause the gum to deteriorate present in it.

Step 6: Fix the pop socket to the new place, ensuring they are dry flat ones and are the best choice to place upon. Let it adhere properly for approximately one hour without trying to expand it.


  • When removing your pop socket, do not attempt to pry it off from the expandable button. This can cause the button to break, and your pop socket will no longer be usable. If your pop socket is applied directly to your phone, take extra caution to remove it without damaging the phone itself.
  • On using cards, make sure you don't cause any form of damage to both the phone case and the card. Avoid using safety pins, pens, pencils, or any other sharp tools to scrape the pop socket off the surface. Sharp objects may damage the phone case, be it of any material. If the pop socket is attached to the mobile phone, then make sure you don't scratch your back with such things.
  • Always go slow on exercising caution, and do not force things on your pop socket off any surface.
  • Be more meticulous not to cut yourself or scratch the device if you have decided to use a razor blade, knife, or sharp object.
  • The adhesive typically sticks worse to the leather and silicone skins. It can also adhere to some worse finishes, such as the waterproof covers. Before use, carefully test it in a safe environment to avoid any sort of damage to your phone.
  • Avoid letting your pop socket sit out for any longer than 15 to 20 minutes. Contrarily, it will lose its ability to stick if left for a longer time.
  • After removing the pop socket, make sure to avoid any close contact with linen and other fibers.

A pop socket is also known as a pop holder. It is a must-have tool for any portable device owner. They are user-friendly and can also be a distinguisher among a lot of phones. However, some case materials tend to hold sticky residues from the pop sockets gum. It is another greater attention seeker out of discomfort and remorse.

Clearphonecases offer cases with perfect quality to adapt a pop socket with no residue on removal. They provide tips and techniques to hold up your phone no matter what. To get rid of the sticky residue, refer to ‘How to get sticky residue off the phone case?’

Wrapping Up

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