How to start a Phone case Business?


How to start a Phone case Business?

If you have enough resources in hand including phone case preparing materials, a moderate amount of capital, knowledge, and passion, then you can start your phone case business and grow it enormously large.

How can you outlaw others who do the same? How will you outnumber the sales of phone cases selling giant? How can you perform your business well than the others who have more years of expertise in selling phone cases successfully? These are some of the questions that arise in the minds of a business entrepreneur who enters into the phone case business with meager experience. There is no need to worry. These are some general questions which can push you to the doors of success.

In this blog, we can get to know how to start your phone case business throwing light on the ideas rather than capital.

Why Phone cases?

Smartphones are the most demanded product in the digital technology market at present. As far as the smartphones are in demand, the higher the demand will be for their accessories. In that sense,  Phone cases are the best option when it comes to the technological products business. It involves moderate investment and a high priority.

Phone cases are the most protective yet sensitive part of your smartphone. It is because of their texture, manufacturing material, etc. Also, it is sensitive to light and other external chemical factors that they turn their color or fade off easily so that you need to replace that often.  We would have seen our transparent or clear phone cases fade off transparency and turn into yellow or brown as days pass on.

To be short, we can say that the phone case business resembles a proverb that goes like “ Small drop makes an ocean”. The price of the smartphone case may be low, but people do often buy phone cases more than smartphones. Considering the fact, you would have got a satisfactory answer to why the phone case business is more profitable compared to other smartphone accessories.

Apart from the valuable reasons, there are several benefits why you have to start a phone case business.

Benefits of starting a phone case business:

Before jumping into the section “ How to start your own phone case business?” we should know about the benefits of starting a phone case business.

  1. Easy to ship and transport - Phone cases are not so large that you should carry them in a truck or minivan. You can take the shipment in the lowest means possible and the shipping charges for a phone case will be lower compared to other shipping goods. Also, they do not get damaged due to the kind of material, durability, and flexibility.
  2. Low capital and Investment - Phone cases do not attract more capital. All you need is to import phone case essentials where you can customize them according to the client’s requirements. If you are talented enough to create phone case material by yourself, pat yourself, because you are endorsed.
  3. Online or physical store - Not all the efficiently running phone case stores do have a physical store for themselves. But having a physical store is trustworthy for the clients. And for a newbie like you entering into the phone case market, all that people want is trust. Set a physical store, capture the good and attractive corners of your shop, and post on your website or in Google Business. That attracts trust among the buyers. Online stores are the most preferred when it comes to service-oriented businesses. You can start your online stores with Shopify and list your products in them.
  4. On-demand service centers - The phone case sector is an on-demand sector where the seller customizes the product based on the demand of the client. They do buy raw materials in bulk and customize them accordingly to the customers. So, it reduces greater loss and manages the finances, and brings in more profit.
  5. Rejuvenating industry - Phone case is one such industry that runs based on the trend. Yes, if for instance, if Iron Man is on-trend, people prefer Iron man cases and if some other trend emerges afterward, the population would replace the case with the present trend. To be short, the phone case is an ever-young rejuvenating industry that relies upon the interests and creativity of the people.
  6. New Phone - New phone case: Apart from the designing part, whenever a new phone emerges, it is an opportunity for you to develop a new phone case for that particular audience.

Now you know the benefits and why you need to start this phone case business. But these waters are not smooth to swim. Yes, there is heavy competition in this phone case business. I can smell that you are a bit confused about where to start and how to start. If so, you are in the right place.

How to make your phone case to sell?

You can import phone cases or get ready-made custom phone cases to design for your customers. In case, you wanted to reduce the unnecessary expenses out of your pocket, you can create your own phone case and sell it to your customers. That seems amazing, right?


With all the DIY techniques you can create your phone case and sell them online. That requires a considerable amount of research and analysis along with a small amount of hard work. According to the sources, it is the youth population who wants to change their phone cases based on the trend. By choosing what phone case model that sells in the market at a great pace. The style of the phone case also plays a vital role in sales. So make sure you have got enough creativity out there in your mind to attract a global audience. 

To start preparing your phone case, you need to know about the types of phone cases that are prevailing in the market.

Types of Phone cases:

It is great that you have decided to start your phone case business by preparing your phone case. With the same amount of enthusiasm, you can make variety of phone cases for various smartphones. Is that going to work? No.

You should first of all understand the market. You have to get to know about the type of phone cases, the cases which are more prevalent and in the trend, the most sought designs by those phone case lovers, etc. This kind of research and smart work can make your phone case business lead the way.

Talking about the type of phone cases, They include

  1. Slim and gel cases
  2. Bumper cases
  3. Wallet cases
  4. Tough cases
  5. Battery cases.

Apart from these, there are certain types of phone cases based upon the material of production. They include

  1. Silicone cases
  2. Transparent cases
  3. Plastic cases
  4. Rubber cases.

Now, let us have a short description of each and every case to understand the entirety of the phone case world.

  • Slim cases - As the name indicates, these cases are slim and attractive that comes in a variety of designs. They provide extra grip to the mobile as they are made of a rubbery silicone material. You can buy those slim cases in the wholesale market for low prices and insert some attractive designs based on demand and sell them for a good profit. You can also create your own slim case using silicone and rubber along with essential chemicals.
  • Bumper cases - The word “Bumper” reminds us of the car bumpers which are really hard and rigid and protects the car from heavy damages. The same works for the phone. Bumper cases are a good source of protection to the corners and sides of the phone. They are extremely hard and provides a protective shield to your phone under any circumstances. Customize a bumper case, present it to your clients, and win their hearts.
  • Folio or wallet cases - Folio cases are cushion cases that cover your phone from all sides. It has a covering to the front side that closes like a wallet. It protects your phone from getting damaged even in the front face of your phone. Some folio cases have sleeves where you can keep your credit and debit cards to it. They cost a bit more than the slim cases. But it is worthy of an investment.
  • Tough cases - This case is suitable for those people who are at hard jobs or do hard sports every day. Tough cases are made of hard rubber and hence they provide excellent protection to your phone case. You need not worry about dropping your phone as you will have the utmost protection with this case. They may seem bulky and adds a bit amount of weight to the phone though.
  • Battery cases - This case will be best for those game freaks and hard users of smartphones. This kind of cases not only gives your phone an external support from shock, but also provides extra charge support to your smart phone. Just throw away the power banks if you own a battery phone case.
  • I think that you would have got a clear understanding of the type of phone cases based on style and usage. Now let us get a brief understanding of those phone cases based on material.

    Transparent phone cases:

    Transparent phone cases are those clear phone cases that you would get when you buy a smartphone. It is not a wonder that most of the renowned smartphone companies like Apple and Samsung have stopped the complimentary clear phone cases. But you can find a clear custom phone case that suits your best interest. You can find them in a general phone store or online phone case stores.

    Silicone cases:

    Silicone phone cases are the most preferred option among smartphone buyers. The main reason behind the demand is its design. Silicone phone cases can adapt to any sort of designs and styles that the transparent or any other material phone cases can never adapt to.

    Plastic phone cases:

    When it comes to plastic cases, it is preferred by some of the people who concern about durability and protection. Plastic cases too come in various styles that keep a huge mass of people attracted to them.

    Rubber Phone cases:

    Rubber phone cases are made of hard rubber that gives elasticity and cushion to your phone. Also, it is known for its rigid grip. That is the reason tires are preferred for wheels. The friction is higher compared to other materials and so this is one of the finest case materials that you can fit to your phone case. 

    Other types of phone cases like Tapestry phone cases, Glittering, and Paint chip phone cases are also gathering the crowd to their side. People’s choices may vary from time to time based on external influences but the base material for phone cases hardly changes. The fact is that the above mentioned four case materials are the most sought by the population.

    Now, this is time to make a phone case. It is easier as we have some DIY techniques to craft a phone case of your own irrespective of the type. According to my suggestion, it is best recommended to go for customizable phone case materials rather than creating your own. It saves time and it comes with minimal investment.

    Now you have your ideas ready. Before getting into the action, it is time to focus on market trends. Not all phone cases are sold as priority ones. There are some phone cases that dominate the market. Let us learn which devices to focus on to dominate the phone case market.

    Phone case devices to focus on:

    As a startup, it is hard to focus more on all kinds of phones as there is an ocean of phone models out there. So, it is wise to select a phone company or two and concentrate on preparing such phone cases.

    In that case, it is more obvious to choose phone case models based on demand with respect to the geographic location. For instance, in the United States, iPhones are the most prevalently used smartphones, and preparing phone cases for those populations will the best choice to dominate in the business.

    The thing is you have to create something more interesting and creative to stay ahead of the curve. 

    1. You can do some basic research digital research on Google about the most searched phone cases in a particular area. That will give you a clear vision of what you want to focus on in your phone case business.
    2. You can do keyword research using some well-known tools like Keyword Look-up or KWfinder, etc. This will help you in having a perspective on running your google ads too. If you have planned to run Google ads to market your phone cases, this kind of keyword research will help you to market your product effectively.
    3. It is most recommended to use social media promotion rather than spending pennies on Google ads if you are a startup.
    4. Analyze which social media suits you and focus on one social media and slowly expand the horizon on other social networks too.

    Now, you have got a clear picture of what to focus on and how to focus on your phone case business and diversify your business. This is time to know how to initiate and expand your phone case business like a pro. It involves more work like getting designs for your phone case, printing designs, and selling them.

    How to Design your phone cases?

    This is pretty simple and attracts low investment. You can refer to many online designing apps like Case app or use freelancing designing services like Fiverr or Upwork to get the job done. If you have got the designing skills or willing to do homemade designing, that is well effective and great.

    Designing phone cases is a skill. It should be appealing to the audience at large and should make them purchase your design. This is not magic. All you want to do is to influence the market.


    Yeah by deep research and thorough analysis of the present market conditions. You can release Iron Man designs on the phone case when the Avengers End game came and Wonder woman during the release of WW 1984. For attractive designs, you can reach Designing communities like Dribble, etc.

    Things to consider while starting your phone case business:

    1. You have to have a solid story behind your business. No businesses have evolved without a strong cause. If profit were your only motive for this business, rather create a cause and work on it. A solid cause acts as a driving factor for any business and attaches the customer to the business.
    2. Choose the niche you are going to work on. As we have discussed earlier, the niche in the phone case business is the model that you are going to deal with. If your niche is iPhone cases, then focus on all iPhone models and prepare a solid blueprint of it to create exact phone cases.
    3. Create a visual style and brand image for your business. Creating a brand image develops trust among the customers and enhances your visibility among the competition. Pick up a logo and a slogan that would utter your cause through images. Your slogan should be short as well as strong that it lightens up your purpose.
    4. Choose the best physical location if you are going to set up an offline phone case store. If it is an online shop, you can set up an online community marketplace using Shopify.
    5. Hire considerable employees to look after each section of tour phone case production. It is best recommended to go for freelance marketplaces like freelancer, guru, Upwork, or Fiverr to get the job done with minimal investment and time.
    6. After all things have been set up, send your products to your dearest or well-wishers to get genuine feedback on what is going wrong and how to prove the process. This can leverage your service approach. You can get to know about what people really think about your idea and your purpose. This can be really helpful in shaping your business and generating more sales. To be short, you should validate your product before it goes to marketing. 

    How to sell your phone case?

    Through modern sales techniques, you can improve the sales of your phone case business to productively greater levels with less effort.

    Most of the entrepreneurs get up to the production stage and get down from their business when their product is not sold successfully. There are certain techniques where you can boost your business sales to higher levels.

    Here we can get to know some of the sales ideas on how to increase sales.

    1. Social media marketing - in this digital era, social media has got an indomitable place, and marketing through social media have really a greater effect. Many successful businesses have emerged and grown more through social media marketing. Pick up a platform and work on it and expand to other media through that platform like a pipeline.
    2. Dropshipping - This is a transporting business where a third party takes over your shipping work and takes it to your customer.
    3. Amazon FBA - This is one such selling ideas where you can sell your phone cases worldwide. Amazon takes care of all the picking, shipping, and packing areas where you have to just design.

    Final words:  

    Entrepreneurship is fun and happy only after you have sailed the toughest waters. I am not saying that this is tough, but going through that process might not be an easy walk. So you have decided to take the phone case business and these are some of the ideas that can facilitate the process. I strongly hope that with all the information regarding the phone case types, their business strategies, the areas to focus on, and selling strategies, you would have learned the entirety of phone case business in theory. Now it is time to get into action. Pick up your favorite niche and kickstart your phone case business.

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