Things to consider while buying phone cases in 2021

In our march to the digital era, Mobile phones are no wonder a technology marvel. Mobile phones nowadays are not just for communication and browsing. They are pretty much everything now. Some people consider their mobile phones as a "companion.”  Even though Mobile phones can be a little addictive, they are pretty handy and helpful in many cases.

The evolution of microtechnology has leveraged mobile phone case manufacturing to the next phase. The components of mobile phones are very compact and sleek in design, making mobile phones so fragile and easy to break. The mobile industries started manufacturing phone cases to overcome the build quality flaw. Since mobile phone needs were rapidly increasing, the manufacturers have raised the bar. Let us explore the various mobile phone cases and the factors to consider while buying a phone case for your new mobile.

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Evolution of mobile phones and the need for cases

Over the years, the technology has leveraged the mobile phone industry to a variable phase. The evolution has caused a slow and steady price rise in mobile phone manufacturing. Even though the price rises, mobile phones were valuable and handy in many situations. Now, mobile phones have become a vital part of our daily lives.

Everybody in need of the internet and flawless communication bought a mobile phone for themselves. Eventually, like every accessory we possess, we have to protect it. In that case, they need a mobile phone case that should protect their mobile phones at any cost. That is where the mobile cases and the manufacturers rolled on.

On the other hand, to sustain mobile phone manufacturing; companies started launching mobile phones at various sections. Some of the notable variants these days are:

  1. Budget variant, 
  2. Flagship models
  3. Mid-range models

Each variant of mobile phones is designed with the quality, features, advanced capabilities, functionalities according to the category it falls. For example, the budget variant models are good at attracting low-budget buyers. The performance may not be good, but the price is affordable. The flagship models are designed with enough features and provide a high-quality build for a higher price. We can say that the value-for-money variants are the mid-range mobile phones.

Under certain circumstances, the mobile phones could not bear damages from dropping or external pressure because mobile phones are made of glass, a fragile material to reduce the weight that can cause cracking of display, aging, dent, fading, etc.

Every segment of mobile phones needs a mobile phone case to protect. Picking up the perfect phone cases would protect your mobile phones from breaking.

Types of mobile phone cases

  1. Hard Phone Case

A Hard case is a precisely molded case for mobile phones to fit it.  They are made brittle. They cover the back sides of the mobile with the top and bottom portions open for charge and audio ports.  Speaking of usage, they are sleek and grippy. But, it picks up scratches on hard surfaces. They are less scratch-resistant.

They are available in transparent, multiple colors, customized, and often in a matte, glossy finish. They are lightweight and are suitable for daily use. But they are not very protective. It can protect mobile phones from dents with tiny drops.  Dropping phones from a significant height could damage fragile materials in mobile phones. A major con is, it is a great daily use lightweight case.

  1. Gel/TPU Phone Cases

A gel case is a transparent jelly case that is made up of thermoplastic polyurethane. Mostly you can find a jelly case along with the mobile phones.  They can protect the mobile phones from little scratches and dents initially. But, these cases will fade and give an old look within a few days. It covers the edges and backside of the mobile phones with shockproof and short distance drops. It will last long as you use it.

They are highly resistant to oil and water. It weighs light and gives you a grip feel. It can reduce accidental hand slips. Some of the companies can design the cases with skins based on your requirements. You may order your desired cartoons, patterns, solid colors, pictures, famous MCU characters, or a minimalist design to print on the case. You may have to pay a little more for availing of this feature. These cases are great for daily use and protect mobile phones from dents and scratches.

  1. Silicone Phone Cases

Silicone cases are made of liquid silicones. They are soft, grippy, and sticky to use. As they are sticky, they reduce the slips and give a firm drip while holding the phone.

It is highly resistant to fingerprints and dust. Just a wipe is enough to clean the mobile case. They are available in many designs and patterns. They cover the edges of the mobile phones and back. They are designed lightweight and sleek. But, ensure the case has enough space for the charging port and audio jacks. Exposing the silicone case to heat and direct sunlight may reduce the lasting capacity. If used properly, they are perfect cases to protect mobile phones from external damages and dents.

  1. Tough Phone Cases

The name itself means the cases are tough when compared to other mobile phone cases. Tough phone cases are designed with rigid materials to protect the mobile phones from dropping and accidental slips. Tough mobile cases can withstand a drop from 15 feet and can protect mobile phones without any dent. They are pretty heavy, bulky when compared to other phone cases in the markets. It covers both the front and the sides of the phones. If you need front protection, you can go for damage-proof glasses.

Constructional workers usually buy these mobile phone cases. Working in such an environment needs their mobile phones to be protected. If you have no concerns about the look and feel, you can buy these phone cases.

  1. Wallet Phone Cases

Wallet phone cases are quite popular among business people. People who carry wallets, credit, debit cards can also buy these wallet phone cases. They come in handy while traveling because they have a wallet pouch in the mobile phone case itself. It opens like a book in front where you get the phone on the right side of the case. They can hold 3-4 credit/debit cards. Another variant of these cases flips vertically. It protects the backside of the mobile phone with a rigid hard shell and front with a TPU material. These are highly protective phone cases for daily use.

  1. Leather Phone Cases

These types of cases can be a little expensive. As the material used in this is leather, the cost price for a legit leather case may be a little costly. It is similar to a hard case in design. The backside and sides of the mobile phones are covered with holes for the charging port. A stiff inner shell is placed inside the case for protection.

The can comes in legit leather colors. Leathers are soft, smooth, and slim material. They can give a good feel and look while using. 

  1. Phone Skins

Phone skins are nothing but getting a vinyl coating over your phones. These are not actual mobile phone cases. They are just options for protecting your mobile phones from scratches. They come in various designs, patterns, and characters. Either in matte or a glossy finish, you can coat the skin for your mobile phones. These are not suitable for you if you are looking for actual protection.

You might be wondering, what are all the factors to consider before buying a mobile phone case. Let us explore here.

Things to consider while buying a mobile phone case

  1. Durability

Mobile phones nowadays range from low cost to costly ones. Whatever the cost, mobile phones are prone to external damages. There are certain materials used in the outer cover to prevent the mobile phones from external damage. But they can't last more than 8 to 10 times. Drops can cause internal circuit failure.

Dropping from more than the limited height might cause your phone a permanent failure. Not only dropping, Mobile phones colors can fade of aging. These are all the reasons to buy a mobile phone case to protect their phones from external damages, dent, and fading.

And while picking a mobile phone case, you should consider the durability of a case concerning the mobile phone. There are various materials used for phone case manufacturing. Materials like silicon, aluminum, thermoplastics, leather, and rubber. Out of which, you need to select a particular mobile phone case. You have to consider factors like the design, feel, look, and durability.

Gel/TPU is durable, but it can protect your phones from minute scratches and dent. A drop is too mainstream for gel cases. A high-quality leather case can last for a year or two. Whatever the type of case you pick, it all depends upon your usage. If you are more like an office employee, you can keep your mobile phones in a safe place. You may not need a hard, bulky case. On the other hand, construction workers have to work in the field. They have no choice but to pick a hard, durable case to protect their phones.

  1. Design

A Stat says that people from 18 to 24 are the most mobile phone users. No wonder these aged people will consider the design of their mobile cases as a non-negotiable factor. Mobile phone manufacturers have several template designs for every model launched in the industry. Starting from usual mobile case designs to 3D designs in the markets.

Most people would be familiar with the typical designs. But now, 3D mobile cases are pretty famous. Based on your requirements, 3D cases are customized with modern etching techniques. Whatever the design may be, these technologies can render a 3D model a mobile case with accurate measurements. Apart from picking a suitable design, focus on the material and the durability of the case. It is the major contributing factor for protecting your mobile phones.

  1. Functionality

Many people would go for looks and designs while buying the cases. But the most important thing to consider is the functionality of the case. There are shockproof, waterproof, shockproof, drop-proof mobile phone cases are there in the markets. Most mobile phone manufacturing companies claim that the phone cases are capable of the functionalities mentioned above. But they aren't all the time.  You may have to research the functionality and the brand you are about to buy. Check online for reviews of the mobile case manufactured by the company.

Some mobile phone cases are capable of charging your mobile phones. Yes, today, in the world of Technology, It is possible. Phone case manufacturers have introduced a mobile case that is compact enough to store a certain amount of charge in the back case. You can use this mobile case to charge your mobiles in desperate situations. These functionalities may not be reliable at all times. Not only these, but there are also many mobile cases introduced with valuable functionalities. Ensure to check on the various phone cases that would help you in difficult circumstances. A highly durable mobile phone case with your desired functionality is an added advantage.

  1. Quality

One important thing to consider while picking up a phone case is to check on the quality and build of the case. Other than the design and endurance, the phone case manufacturers should use high-quality goods. The durability of the case depends on the quality of the material used. For example, thermoplastic cases are highly durable and customizable. The quality could vary on the type of plastics used to manufacture the mobile phone case.

More importantly, while buying mobile phone cases online, you should be very careful in picking the right brand. Many companies claim that mobile phone cases are made of high-quality materials. Do check the reviews of previously bought people. There are also waterproof mobile cases. While purchasing these cases, do check the IPX ratings of those particular cases.

  1. Fit

Fit is an essential factor to consider while buying a phone case. Your phone is supposed to fit in the case. Any small gap in the case is not a good case to use. Your phone might slip accidentally. There are certain things you should consider as an essential checklist when it comes to fit.

The power and volume buttons should remain tactile. Some cases make it hard to press.

There should be appropriate space and holes for charging ports and audio jacks.

The sensors, mic, the camera should not be blocked. These applications may not work properly if they are not correctly exposed.

  1. Price

It is common for people to think that the higher the cost, the higher the quality. The durability of the cases depends on the material used and the way of using it. Sometimes, cases costing a heavier price may not be a high-quality product. Check the online reviews before purchasing the phone case whatever be the cost.

Despite all the factors, the current trend is customized cases. Rather than picking from the existing options, you can get your personalized cases. Hence these custom cases are highly demanded.

Why are custom cases in demand?

No wonder today’s mobile phone markets are abundant with fancy mobile phones. The functionalities today we find in these mobile phones are exceptional. However, mobile phones are fancy; they need a phone case to protect for long-term use.

They are not only designed based on your customizations; the materials used to design these custom cases are attractive, Highly durable, and exported in good quality. Hence these custom cases are ordered by many of this generation.

Custom molded phone cases

The Phone case industry is striving to introduce many designs to stay up-to-date. But, If you are looking for a unique style, then a custom case can help you get the desired design case. It can range from hard cases, molded cases, or even TPU cases that can fit well your mobile phone.

You can print the desired designs along the back and sides of the case. In addition to the back shell, you can attach the rubberized materials along the corners to enhance the protection. Compared to the hard cases in the markets, Custom cases are highly durable, protective. It can make us feel unique among the crowd. Not to underestimate the highly protecting characteristics of custom cases.

Wrapping up

Mobile phones are modern marvels of this technological era. Rather than picking up random phone cases for your phone, give importance to the factors mentioned above while purchasing a Phone case for your tech companion. Whatever the mobile case it be, a highly protective glass for display can ensure your mobile phone from serious cracks and damages. Happy shopping!

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