Top 10 DIY Phone case Designing ideas


Top 10 DIY Phone cases Designing ideas:

People know that phone cases are a protective gear to their smartphones. It is not a sort of lethargic-ness that some of them do not put phone cases. The real problem is that they do not get attractive cases for their mobile phone that are not worthy enough to flaunt. If you are waiting for the phone case companies to come out with worthy cases that are admirable, it is hardly going to happen. But there are some customer centric phone case producers  who adhere to your design ideas and come up with your desired phone case. 

The thing is you need not wait for your desired phone case as you deserve immediate outcome. In that sense, I have come up with some eye catching DIY methods where you can design your phone case all by yourself. Thinking of some worthy stuff to buy for designing your phone cases? No worries. All you need will be in your home. In this blog, we are going to see some top 10 DIY methods where you can design your phone case and flaunt it in the public. 

Come, let us make our hands dirty.

DIY Starbucks Branded case: 

How can you make a brand all by yourself at home? It is possible. Yep. With a sprinkle of creativity and some basic materials in hand, you can create your ‘starbucks tagged glittering phone case. First of all, let us cover the ingredients that we need to cover: 

  1. Starbucks logo ( Mostly you can pierce it off from the coffee cups.)
  2. Glitter
  3. Transparent nail polish or White color nail polish
  4. Bowl
  5. Brush 

Steps to follow: 

  • Take a bowl and pour the transparent nail polish into it.
  • Put the glitter into the bowl and mix it.
  • Place your phone case upside down.
  • Place the StarBucks Logo in the center of the phone case.[ You can place it according to your wish.]
  • Carefully pour the nail polish over your phone case that it spreads all over the phone case.
  • You can use the brush to carefully spread it to all the sides of the phone case.
  • Leave it for a few minutes until it dries. 

That is it. Your glittering branded phone case is ready to use. You can fix any brand other than Starbucks based on your preferences. 

Note: Make sure that the nail polish spreads to all the sides of your phone case.Otherwise, it would create an uneven base.

Fitting your phone case with 3d designs: 

You want your phone case to be unique and if that is the case, you can try 3d designs over your transparent phone case.  There are two ways that you can induct a 3d design. One, you can include some designs on your existing phone case. Two, you can print some 3d effects on our white or transparent phone case that makes it look like a 3d effect. 

If you are trying the first one, you have to gather your favorite characters in 3d effects. You will be having many 3d character based designs at home. Or you can collect some of them from scrap stores. If you want to stick to a new one, It can be available in many ecommerce stores or in your nearby stores. You will need 2 to 4 of them to cover your phone case as per your requirement and creativity. Carefully glue it to your phone case so that they look more attractive. Make sure that they do not look clumsy. 

As per the second one, you will need the help of a design printing vendor where you can get your desired 3d design get printed on your phone case. Or you can fix a 3d design sheet on your phone case and apply a nail polish over your phone case so that it looks glammy. 

Washi tape designs: 

Washi tapes are known for their bold or contemporary colors. If you love vibrant phone cases, I bet you will really love this. Washi tapes are used for attractive designing. They are adhesive tapes that are made from Japanese papers. They come in multiple designs with a combination of contrast colors. You can get those washi tapes in the nearby local stores. You can choose some wild yet bold acrylic tapes that can give your phone case an eye-catching look. If you still want to get a traditional american style, then you can choose vintage colored tapes. This is one of the bat DIY methods to craft your phone case with no to less investment. All you need to make sure that the tapes are well fixed to the phone case as it can last longer. 

Stitch it up using Bohemian Tapestry:

You will need your phone case to be frictioned yet smooth. Yes, that is possible with the beautiful bohemian tapestry work on your clear phone case. With this design you can feel the coziness that you will not even find that you are holding a phone. All you need is a needle, thread and a tapestry cloth that will fit your phone size. Take three times more cloth of it as you would be multi folding it and stitching it for a strong grasp over the case. A single liner of cloth is not safe for your phone and also for the cloth.Stitch the cloth along the sides of your phone case that it covers the entire case perfectly. Cut down the extensive thread out and make it even. And that is it. Your smooth phone case is ready to use. Go Bohemian; go smooth. 

Use glitter on your clear phone case: 

You love your phone because of its external style. But you cannot risk the beauty by covering it with a transparent phone case. Transparent cases when left alone can turn yellow or brown after usage. You can cover them with glitters that cover some parts of your phone case making it more sexy. Also, it gives a shining appearance catching the eyes that goes past your phone case. That glance is your victory. All you wanted is to glam up your phone and with an intimidating glittering phone case, it is possible. 

Pressed flowers phone case: 

There are some people who hate or are allergic to chemicals. And those too deserve a beautiful phone case. Pressed flower phone case will be the best alternative for them. No chemicals, no paint stains or paint smells, no allergies and it is cool too. You can gather a pack of fresh flowers and place it on the backside of your white or transparent phone case. Seal the petals with the phone case by carefully gluing it. All you need to do is to press the flowers to your phone case and glue the exterior using a resin mixture. This method works more favorably for opaque phone cases, but it is also supportive for your clear phone case too. 

Bring out your artistic skills: 

If you are a person of creativity, then don't waste your time on the above methods. Take a sketch and do the needful on your phone case. You can put your artistic works in two ways. One, paint your phone case with some creative touch. Two, you can put your imagination in a white chart and present it to a skilled digital printer. He will help you to get your design on your phone case. But the second one is not a DIY method.

As we are talking about DIY methods, it is better to paint your phone case with your paint brush and some water colors. You can also use permanent markers too. Apply varnish after letting your artistic work get dry. Varnishing will help you to get rid of the paint stains over yourself. Make sure that you can change your design whenever you feel. 

Paint swatches phone case designing:

If you are not a Picasso in art, no worries. Most of them would not be. But you can apply the paint swatches over your phone case as it looks attractive. That is a cheap and reliable method to design your phone case rather than painting your phone case itself. Get to your nearby store and collect some paint swatches of your desire and place it on your phone case as per your design. Before applying the paint swatches, you have to put tapes over the places where you want to leave the paint out. Then apply paint swatches over the phone case and let it dry. Then remove the tapes and see the magic. 

Fill your phone case with paper stashes: 

Paper stashes are the cheapest way to cover your transparent phone case with some designs. You can find artistic paper stashes at your home. Just tear them and cut them according to the phone size. Carefully put some holes for the camera and torchlight and place it on your phone case so that it does not interrupt the phone or look odd. You can paste the paper stacks over your phone with glue.After some minutes, you can cover the phone case over the phone. 

Graphic phone case designing:

It is not pure computer work. You can create a 3d graphic design using your paint brush or with your art skills. At exceptional skills, you can use the free graphic designs over your phone case. Just download the graphic designs that are available on the net and pick up what suits your best interest. Paste the graphic design from inside out of our phone case. You can even stick it over our phone. But the thing is, you cannot cut out for the camera when you have it stuck on your phone. So it is better to stick the graphic designs over your phone case. 

Wrapping it up:

The above discussed DIY methods are the top most methods in which you can cover your clear phone case with stunning designs. If you are not cool with that you can reach some reliable phone case producers who produce attractive designs that satisfies your soul.

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