Trending Phone Case Designs 2021

When was the last time you forgot to use your mobile phone? Wondering if you've never done that. Didn't you?

From kiddos to mature adults, mobile phones have become a part of their lives. In other words a life companion. We depend on mobile phones for many things these days. We wake up looking for our mobile phones. Didn't we?

Despite the dominant features, mobile phones also come in handy in many situations. From waking us from a tight sleep, remembering our scheduled tasks, navigating us to our desired location, end to end shopping, online payments, internet banking, entertainment, academics, communication, and pretty much everything we need.

In layman terms, we evolve with this technology. Our lifestyle depends on this technology so much that we can't live without relying on mobile phones. Despite the needs and requirements, we expect these mobile phones to be in a state of fashion. Particularly the youths of this generation. We expect these mobile phones to be more fashionable, trendy, features filled and more compact.

While compacting these modern marvels, we have to accept the flaws also. Mobile phones these days aren't strong enough. Most of them are made of plastics, glass, and non-ferrous metals.

Mobile phones can be the modern marvels of 2021, but they are fragile and expensive. We can't afford to lose one by accidentally dropping it. Even these modern marvels need protective mobile cases.

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Mobile phone cases

Nobody wants to break their phones willingly unless it is a breakup or a frustrating situation. Some mobile phones can be sleek and slippery. We can't help dropping it accidentally. Intelligent people will buy a mobile case along with the mobile phones.

Protective mobile cases are rigid and bulky. If you are a fashion freak, you could order a customized mobile phone case. These customized mobile phone cases can be made up of rubber, silicone, or leather. Whatever the materials you wish, the custom mobile case designers can customize your mobile phone cases.

If you are not familiar with the trendy mobile case designs, then this is where you can pick one. We have handpicked many trendy mobile phone case designs that could make your phones look classy and trendy.

Let's look into some trendy mobile case designs.

Ergonomic Design Mobile Cases

When it comes to protecting your phone from accidental slip, this design is a one-step solution. This design comes with a finger slot to hold your phone more firmly. This way, your phone can't slip through your hands quickly. Whatever the environmental conditions, you can't accidentally slip your phone away. Some cool designs can also be etched by the customized mobile phone case designers.

Moreover, this design of mobile cases can be more slim and sleek. There is no must-use material. So this type of design can be etched with any materials such as glass and plastics. Many mobile phone cases manufacturers claim that ergonomic design mobile phone cases are highly impact-resistant. Even if you drop it accidentally, ergonomic mobile phone cases can protect your phone from external damages.

Vibrant Mobile Case Design

If you are looking for something trendy, then these vibrant mobile phone cases can fill your needs. Vibrant colors with illustrated arts can bump your mobile phone cases unique among the crowd. Illustrated arts could be anything you wish. It could be cute animals, festival designs, gradient tones, linear designs, modern arts, puppies, cats, and sometimes trippy visuals.

You can also order a customized pop socket relevant to your illustrated art. It reduces accidental slips. Pop sockets can hold your phone a little inclined like a phone holder if you watch a movie on your phone. There are no certain materials for this design. This vibrant illustrated art design can be printed on any mobile phone case. It goes well on silicone and rubber cases.

As a word of fashion, this design is preferred by many youths. The printed content may vary depending on the person's wish. You can print marvel characters, cultural arts, traditional designs, floral designs, etc.,

The person's imagination is the limit.

Minimalism Designs

Very few people like minimalism. If you are an artistic person, you would know that being less is more beautiful. Be it the color, the designs imprinted, gradients flowed, or the quote printed, minimalists would want a decent and straightforward mobile phone case design.

Most of the minimalist designs are printed black or faded colors. A small and straightforward picture or an icon would be printed in the center or a noticeable spot on the case. It could be an astronaut, an airplane, a cloud, a smiley, or an alphabet. It was never a restriction for quotes also. Minimalist quotes can bump you with good looks and good vibes too.

Minimalist designs are one of a kind. They can represent people's thoughts and personalities. You can print minimalist designs on a silicone case, plastic case, rubber, or jelly case. It works fine for many types of mobile cases materials.

For Comics and Binge Watchers

There is no shortage of movie buffs in this digital era. Movie buffs are okay, but comics?

Hell yeah, never let the child in you die in this crazy world. Every gang has at least two movie buffs or a Netflix chiller. I could swear that their mobile phone cases will be printed with their favorite character. Be it a Netflix chiller, a manga reader, a comics reader, or a typical movie buff; they would want to see their favorite characters on their mobile phone cases every time. You can print any of your favorite characters on your mobile phone case in a classy way.

Modern technology allows mobile phone customizers to design 3D mobile phone cases. Yes, you can wish your favorite character more real and fantastic in 3D cases. Iron man cases are pretty demanded these days. This goes the same with comics and illustrated arts on mobile phone cases. Hollywood fame actors can be printed in both 3d and 2d models on your mobile phone cases.

Two-dimensional designs can be printed on any material. Despite the material, the design goes well with rubber cases. Rubber cases can give a matte outlook. It also enhances the grip and feel of the mobile cases. Three-dimensional mobile phone cases require a non-ferrous metal material. It can be a little bulky on the back. But the outlook is worthy, and it can bump your uniqueness among the crowd.

Camo Phone Case Design

Imagine an olive-green military outfit as a mobile phone case design. That's it, it is a decent military pattern design. It does not mean that the person is a rugged character. It is unisex, and it has become a common design like every other design. But if you are looking for a classy matte-looking mobile phone case, then this camo design mobile phone case can suit you perfectly.

It is available in all types of materials such as plastic, silicone, and rubber. Rubber material can enhance the feel and grip of the mobile phone. The design may look pretty dim indoors, but it looks classy outdoors. It comes as olive green with matte green, navy blue with ocean blue, and black with grey colors. You can pick one of these variants as you wish. If you wish to have different color variants, you can approach a custom mobile phone case designer online.

Glitter Phone Cases

The name itself can help you recognize these mobile phone cases. In a silicone jelly case, you can find glitters on a transparent liquid. There is still a controversy on whether or not this liquid is harmful to humans. The liquids used in manufacturing this mobile phone case are nothing but paraffin.

It is used as skin softening cosmetics. Despite these factors, it is suitable for girls who like fantasy. Thousands of glitter particles inside the case can attract every eye. You can readily buy a glitter mobile phone case online. Like "good vibes only" and "girl power" are popularly known mobile phone cases.

By reaching out to a customized mobile phone case designer, you can design your customized mobile cases. These glitter mobile phones cases are available in gold, silver, white and mixed glitters. You can also buy a pop socket for comfort and anti-slippery purposes.

Wanderlust Designs

If you are a travel freak, you would want to buy a wanderlust mobile phone case. These types of mobile phone cases come in various pictures of places and spots. With beautiful scenery, you can print travel quotes. It will show off your travel freak personality. It is available in unisex designs. Out of many wanderlust designs, waves and beach-printed mobile phone cases are pretty popular.

A combination of minimalism design and a wanderlust quote would be a deadly combo. You can try out this mobile phone case for a classy look for your little digital assistant. Some people would print compass signs in a minimalist way. Likewise, the design ideas are limitless, like your travel dreams.

Wanderlust designs can be printed on any material. But I would suggest you buy a pop socket, as you travel you may require additional grip over your phone. You can't expect a comfortable trip every time.

Travel like a nomad with these wanderlust-designed mobile phone cases.

Handmade Mobile Phone Cases

Some people would love handmade stuff. Silicone jelly cases are transparent and long-lasting. These transparent mobile phone cases are used to paint a certain portrait into a beautiful mobile phone case design. These hand-made mobile phone case designs could be a little expensive. But it will represent the person's artistic personality.

Designs painted on these transparent mobile phone cases are covered with a protective layer of paint. You can get customized handmade mobile phone cases online. Never forget to check the portfolios of the artist. Not everyone has the talent to execute your desired designs. You can go with artists with similar categories. It is worth finding a suitable artist to design your mobile phone case.

Material Based Mobile Phone Case Designs

You can get many material-based designs online. But the authentic material could only give the feel and classy look. Material-based mobile phone cases could be made of a plank of wood, lightweight metal, ceramic, design etched glass, leather, or even gold foil cases.

These mobile phone cases will have an authentic design pattern that will make your choice of fashion unique among the crowd. You can carve any wordings, such as a quote or your name.

Again the designs here are limitless. It depends on the makers' fine arts talent and experience. The price may vary on the material used to design the mobile phone cases. Most people would want authentic leather to show their status.

Beware of fake weather materials. Better purchase the material before designing your customized material-based mobile phone case designs.

Where Can I Get Quality Mobile Phone Cases online?

There are several online stores that you can get any kind of mobile case, but if you want high-quality, customizable apple or Samsung phone cases, then the best choice would be

Wrapping Up

Mobile phones are the modern marvels of this generation. But, these fragile little friends need protective and good-looking phone cases. With the help of new technologies, we can attain our desired mobile phone cases within days. I hope these mobile phone case designs could give you the clarity to pick your desired designs.

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