What does your phone case say about you?

You need not herald about your personality to others because your accessories and your attitude say half of the story about you. It is not to be understood as “Judging by the outer look”. It is based on the saying that goes like “What is inside reflects out”. The same applies to your phone accessories too, especially the phone cases.


You know that your phone case store offers various models, styles, and types of materials. But you would have picked one which would have inspired you and that is your inner aspiration. Here, in this blog, you can find out what your phone case says about you.

[Note: This is not an astrology talk or prediction. This is a psychological fantasy that may reflect your ideas and depicts your inner awe.]

Classic phone case with no designs:

What can a classic phone case say about you other than “Responsibility”? You are gentle and you love and respect the way you are. You do not love to be more “patternish” or to get attention. You would love to skip trendy tech accessories and patterns as you love to be more classic! Man, you are royal!!! Cover your iPhone with a royal classic phone case and show the crowd that you deserve respect. If you are a Samsung type of guy, no worries, classic cases are available for all phone types in the online phone case stores.

Introvert style: Accessories style designer cases:

You are a man who does not want to show off what you have got. It does not mean that you will not show your talent where it is needed. But the fact is you do not want to be a hero outside, but you are one inside. The phone case may be in the shape of a spray bottle or size of any household material or even in the shape of animals, etc. It may contain designs even imitating the latest designs of Moscillo and Stella McCartney. After all, you will not feel that you are holding an iPhone thereby creating a visionary illusion to the world either.

Reptile skin cases:

You are a lover of vintage style along with a modern instinct that dared you to put the reptile skin case over your iPhone. It is not a wonder that our forefathers would have hunted many animals especially weird reptiles and hung their skins and head as a matter of privilege. Despite this case is not real skin, it resembles the need for vintage-privilege. A phone case with subtle details and a classic color without vibrance is what you prefer in a phone case.

Crystal-embellished cases:

You are a person who worships art, especially vibrant explicit art. While most of the population are going for a classic case to look royal, do not know that being explicit and vibrant is a kind of a king’s style. You feel like a King or Queen of England with the impeccable stone attached phone case and you feel great about it. You are a noticeable person in the group due to the difference and gut of having such a glittering phone case. You want your crowd to notice you half a mile away and scream and run to you. And that happens every time due to the elegance of this iPhone case.

Battery phone cases:

This represents preparedness. You are a man on fire. You are confident because you know that your phone will not get drained off the battery as you carry one along with your phone case. You go to places early in the morning and you need not get near any electrical outlets near you because you do not need them. You will have mails to send or offices to visit or find some new address using your Google Maps, connect with your office colleagues through Google Meet, etc. Your phone will support you as your battery phone case assists you and your phone. 

Selfie phone case:

You are a person of attention. Cameras get tired of catching every candid beauty of you. You are really a charming queen or a handsome man. All you want is to be bright and persistent. All this case satisfies all your needs. You are socially attached and you have a huge fan base. You have no idea how many secret crushes you have. You do not run out of hashtags on Instagram and you know it. You can get illuminated phone cases at cheap rates on the best online phone case stores.

The Folio phone case:

You are more cautious because you are not ready to give a chance to break your phone. You think like your dad but for a good cause. You have become more responsible. You strongly believe in the proverb that goes like “Prevention is better than cure”. You are organised and completely aware of what you do and why you do. You never wanted to embarrass yourself by breaking the case and then screaming later on. You are really an inspiration to all those careless guys out there roaming without an aim in the streets. Yes, you are powerful - a powerful mind.

Glittering phone case:

You are a party person. You crave fun. You are the person who wants to volume up the song in the mid of the night and enjoys yourself no matter what others think. You love social gatherings and you secretly love to dominate the crowd. You always wanted candid clicks and you are the person who wants to get a proposal. You know about all the bars and you enjoy it despite being kicked out of some of them. You do not think twice to bulge in through the back door and get caught because it is fun. You are not stealing things. You are trying to steal happiness and you win all the time. You know what, You would have applied some of your DIY artworks in your glittering case for sure. That kind of innovative person you are.

The Edgy phone case:

This is not like you have come to the extreme of frustration. It is like you have searched for this kind of differentiated phone case all over the internet strings and got one. You are a soul searcher. You are a man for the earth. Yes, you recycle and make the world a better place to live in. You are the one why New York is still surviving despite its environmental and technological stress.

Final words:

You are who you are. So, you need not and should never change your opinion or choices because of this prediction. There is a saying - “Half the man, half the dress”, that means a man’s character is depicted by the choices of his dress. Now in this technological world, it includes other accessories too, especially phone accessories. I have only covered major phone cases as every person is unique and so their choices of the phone cases. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Spread happiness.

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