What is the best phone case for my iPhone

What is the best phone case for my iPhone?

Likes and dislikes vary from person to person. If you are likely to protect your “Soul” i-Gadget, the silicone and hard rubber phone cases will be the best option. It can give you 360-degree protection compared to other phone case materials. If you are a fan of transparent phone cases, do certain customizations and make sure that they give utmost protection to your phone case.

Choosing the best phone case is always a difficult task. Most of us would have surfed over the entire eCommerce world and would have been exhausted. We would have even lost the interest to cover the phone with a phone case. But, it is to be said that some genuine and passionate customized eCommerce stores do come up with certain designs that satisfy the customer’s thirst. 

We cannot specifically recommend the best phone case for your iPhone without showcasing the types of phone cases, their pros, and cons, their protective capability, etc. In this blog, we are going to look over some best phone case varieties that can best suit your iPhone on various dimensions. 

Come, let us explore the world of iPhone Phone cases. 

Types of iPhone cases: 

It is great to have a branded product in your hand right now. It is even great when it is protected. Some people like to flaunt their smartphones and do not prefer putting a protective case over them. Whereas, some of them would prefer a clear phone case likely that the brand reflects. That is ok. According to some studies, it is observed that only 15% of phone users use a protective phone case. Those are lower numbers. There are many types of phone cases but the three major types that dominate the phone case world: 

  1. Transparent phone cases
  2. Silicone phone cases
  3. Rubber phone cases: 

Transparent phone cases: 

If you are obsessed with the beauty of your smartphone and also concerned about its safety, it is time for you to catch over a transparent iPhone case. Transparent or clear phone cases come up with the box. But nowadays, iPhone manufacturers do not complement it with your new smartphone. But no worries. Transparent phone cases are available in the nearby stores. 

You can make clear phone cases more attractive by putting some art on them. There are many customized clear phone case selling eCommerce stores where you can get your phone case pictured with your desired design or art. Despite it seems an affordable investment, people prefer putting the art from their own hands. 

Interesting right?

By using DIY techniques, you can make your clear phone case look more stunning than ever before. If you think that you could embarrass your phone case, you could print it digitally in your nearby printing store. I personally recommend to do DIY methods because of two things - One, it is your art and it means a lot. Two, the money. DIY methods do not cost much compared to the designs that you prefer from a third party. 


  1. Transparent and clear case to showcase your smartphone
  2. Low cost and customizable.
  3. Hard material made of Optically clear polycarbonate and Polyurethane.
  4. Flexible on limits.
  5. Complete protection.


  1. Not so flexible - Can break overextended flexibility.
  2. Color changes to yellow or brown. Needs more maintenance.
  3. Does not protect the front face of your smartphone.

Silicon Phone cases:

If you are concerned more about the security of your smartphone, then this phone case is for you. It is not that you cannot flaunt your smartphone. There are many silicone phone case models that showcase your phone model and logo. You could have seen many gym buddies taking pictures at mirrors with their iPhones covered with a silicone phone case with an allocated space for the logo. 

You can create your silicone phone case even in your home laboratory or drawing-room, but it needs more caution as you would be dealing with silicon and other hazardous chemicals that may harm your body. So, it is best recommended to buy a silicone case from the store than creating on your own. 

Most people prefer silicone phone case as it is a baseline level of protection from shocks. Also, it covers the vulnerable section of your phone including the front face to a considerable extent. 


  1. Most effective for the protection of your phone.
  2. Amazing grip compared to the clear phone cases.
  3. Cheap and eco-friendly phone case
  4. Less visibility of scratches.
  5. They are fire-resistant and heat-resistant. That means if you play hard, that would not reflect on your hand if you apply a silicone phone case over your smartphone.


  1. Not dust-friendly. Food stains may stick to it for a long time.
  2. Expands over the phone over time. That means it loses its grip over the phone as time goes.
  3. They are heat resistant and so, they store heat a lot. That is bad for both you and your phone. 

Putting a balance over its pros and cons, it seems that silicone phone cases have more pros than cons. Or we can put it like that it has acceptable flaws that still make it more demanding in the market. 

Rubber Phone Cases: 

Have you felt the rubber and friction in your hand? If not you have to try this for your iPhone. Rubber is known for its excellent grip over the roads and that kind of innovation had led to the foundation of rubber phone cases. 

It is best demanded by the youth and those sweaty hands who are afraid of slipping their smartphone despite putting a phone case. In case of protection, they are super effective due to their 360-degree protection. 

People prefer rubber iPhone cases because of their appearance. They are multilayered and provide an excellent cushion to your iPhone. Their elasticity is extremely helpful to fit your phone tighter compared to silicone cases. Also, it would be hard losing the grip on your phone. 


  1. Excellent grip
  2. Highly protective
  3. High elasticity
  4. Majestic appearance
  5. Different models. 


  1. Huge enough to fit into your pant pockets.
  2. Not fit for people who are allergic to rubber.
  3. The phone becomes bulky and adds up

unnecessary weight. 

Despite these major phone case types that suit your iPhone, there are other types of iPhone cases that may suit your interest.

Come let us explore the world of some stunning iPhone cases: 

Some other types of iPhone cases:

    1. Leather flip case - If you want your phone case to look more professional like a pro, you could choose this. This will not only give your iPhone a professional rich look but also safeguards your phone from getting damaged. Its full coverage protects the screen from any scratches. You can even use this phone case as a kickstand for your phone and it closes completely so that it fits your pant pockets. It is durable and safe.
    1. Rugged cases - Rugged cases are known for their friction. With their brawned surface, they are love at first touch for phone case lovers because of their material. They are made of polycarbonate with raised TPE around the outside. That makes them completely protective even if the phone falls 10 feet from the ground.
    1. Waterproof cases - Even if you have your waterproof iPhone, it does not mean that water cannot enter into it. So, it is best to purchase a waterproof phone case for your iPhone. If you are a shallow swimmer who likes to capture your great moments underwater, this phone case will help you to capture the moment without ruining your iPhone. These waterproof phone cases have shock-absorbing corners to prevent major damages when fallen from distances.
    1. Ultra Impact cases - These types of cases are concentrated on preventing sheer damage to the phone under any circumstances. They have cornered edges and cushion sides that can manage the impact of the phone even if fallen from long heights. They are moderately transparent and comes in various colors. Due to their anti-microbial coating, you can prevent yellow or brown stains. But compared to the rear-end, the front end of your iPhone does not have perfect protection from these cases. If you drop your phone upside down from an acceptable height, there are chances that you would get your screen broken.
    1. Tuxedo custom cases - What if you feel like a James Bond going in for investigation while holding your phone case. It is amazing, right? And that is the power of the Tuxedo case. Tuxedo case has a strong backflip with a strong kickstand and strong grip so that you would never leave it from your hand even by mistake.
    1. UAG cases - UAG ( Urban Amor Gear) phone cases suits those who are at the roughest places in the world. Be you a marine or an army officer or at Air force, it suits your ruggedness. It is a monarch case that gives complete protection to your phone. It is known for its toughness and you can dare to leave your case from a considerable height and gets no damages.
    1. Battery phone cases - Are you a rough gamer or a serious Netflix freak. No worries. Your battery will not drain out easily if you are ensembled with a juice packed battery phone case. Wondering that if it even exists? Right? Yes, battery phone cases are prevalent in the market where you can assist your iPhone with this 5000 mah battery along with the case.  You can connect this phone case with your phone battery chord or plugin if you think that the battery is draining. It works more like a power bank that is attached to your phone as an identical twin. The only disadvantage is its weight. A 5000 mah battery will definitely add weight to your phone that makes normal smartphone things more complex.


  1. Armor cases - This is a double layer TPU case which consists of a hard rubber case in the inner part and a hard outer layer to protect the case in a much lucrative fashion. You will feel like a Ninja having an Armor case. It provides extra grip and manages the impact if you leave your phone even from a height of 10 feet. 

Wrapping it up:

Wrapping your phone is more important than buying it. It is your own blood money that you have put to get the iPhone. So, the entire responsibility of protecting it lies within you. In that sense, the above-mentioned phone case materials will suit your iPhone at any cost. Now it is your turn to pick up which suits your interest and protect your iPhone like a pro.

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