Where to buy apple phone cases?

The phone case market is expanding. As a first step, you should choose which type of apple phone case you need and your aspiring design and model. You can purchase apple phone cases in the nearby apple store. If you are not satisfied with their phone case models, you can order them online by approaching some of the outstanding online phone case stores where you can pick variable phone cases with a multitude of designs and styles at affordable rates. You can also try some DIY phone case techniques to make one for yourself.


Apple stocks are skyrocketing. Don’t get afraid. I am not here to talk about stocks and their prices. Stock prices increase because of the demand for that particular product. Not only you, but most of the youth population are also crazy over iPhones and their upcoming models. In that case, your dream does not reach your destination until you have given enough protection to your iPhone. Yes, I am talking about the phone case. You can find various apple phone cases but I can get that you are not satisfied with the search. Do not worry. I have got your back. Through this blog, I can show you the best way to choose your dream case, their qualities, and where to get them, etc. Enough chit-chat. Let us explore.

Why apple phone cases?

The answer is simple. If you have an Apple iPhone, then it is necessary to buy an apple model phone case so that fits in. But the question may be framed in another paranoia. We all know that apple produces phone cases too for their phone models. But is that the right option to choose an apple model phone case from any other brand or online store? Will it be acceptable? Whether it suits your iPhone? These are some common questions that you may ask. The answer is a big yes. Competition is rising and every online phone case store is tugging against themselves in providing quality phone cases to their customers. So you can either get them in an apple phone case store or in any other finest online phone case store.

Either way, you need to need to choose the best material when it comes to phone cases. Choices differ from one person to another. Some may prefer silicone or clear phone cases while some of them may prefer glittering phone cases. Here I am going to showcase some major phone case materials which are popular in the market and I will tell you where you can get them.

Types of apple phone cases and where to get them:

Apple phone cases are available in various materials and styles: Let us, first of all, get to know about different kinds of apple phone case materials so that you can choose the type of material you want. Let me list it out and you pick your choice:

  1. Plastic apple phone case:

Almost 40 percent of the population prefer a plastic phone case with a classic finish. It is not a wonder as the world is overwhelmed by plastics because of their durability and hence a plastic phone case will be a good fit for your iPhone. You do not need to think about flexibility as they are completely flexible and do not break your trust. The plastic cases are made of a thermoplastic material - THERMOPLASTIC POLYURETHANE & POLYCARBONATE. These two materials make your phone case more durable and strengthened thereby protecting your iPhone.

You can even drop your phone from a considerable height and assure that it does not damage your phone. It is because TPU is soft and flexible and has a great shock absorbent capability. They are impact resistant and hence it is a good choice for your iPhone.

Thinking about the design, the plastic cases come up with a solid design or a combination of a multitude of designs. But it is better to choose a classic phone case to make yourself neat and respectful. You can pick your plastic phone case from the Apple store itself. If you are an art guy, you can either make some DIY art over your phone case or you can print some digital designs in the nearby store. If you need a fully customized plastic phone case, you can buy them in online stores that offer you the best designs in the world. Make sure that they offer you customizations on the case.

If you have decided to get a plastic phone case for your iPhone, I would say that you have taken a good decision. Let us take a look over the pros and cons of those cases so that you can get clarity over your decision:


  1. They are impact resistant and protect the phone 360 degrees.
  2. Acceptable price and satisfies the value for money ratio.
  3. Easily available as it is one of the classic phone case material you will ever find.
  1. They are hollow and they are not complete
  2. Non-Sustainable.
  3. Turns yellow due to sunlight exposure.

[Note: You can follow certain home remedies to wipe off the yellow stains from your phone case and make it look brighter than before.]

  1. Clear phone cases:

Are you doubtful that you cannot get a clear phone case for your Apple phone? The truth is you can and it is obvious. Yes, just because Apple had stopped providing complimentary phone case along with the mobile does not mean that it is not available anywhere in the market. You can get your clear apple phone case for any model in your nearby store.

People choose clear phone cases for a reason, the main one is to prevent the phone case from putting a curtain over their phone. For such a brand like Apple, it is a worthy consideration. Putting yourself into the shoes of maintenance, the clear phone cases are the least easy handling material. It is because of the stains that occur due to various factors. Being hard plastic, the phone case often gets yellow or brown thereby embarrassing the look of the iPhone. Before weighing the pros and cons, It is best to answer one important question:

Is that worth enough to invest in a clear phone case if you can buy some other case material for your iPhone? Of course, yes. While a part of the answer is being given above, other factors include value for money ratio, open to artistic works, flexibility, etc. To get a clear answer, we can weigh the extremes.


  1. Transparent and so they do not diminish the beauty of your iPhone
  2. Provides grip; less slippery.
  3. Open to DIY works and design experimentation.
  4. Flexible and durable.
  5. Worthy of an investment.


  1. Not a unique case.
  2. Turns yellow or brown due to repeated usage.
  3. Needs regular maintenance.
  4. Visible if it is prone to scratches and damages. 

 Weighing the pros and cons, it seems that transparent or clear phone cases are a good choice but considering other factors like maintenance, you need to reconsider. If you are a person of regularity and punctuality and love to carry a clear phone case, then this case is for you. You can even paint them or decorate the phone case that reduces the stress of those maintenance tasks. There are several DIY methods online on how to decorate your phone case. Pick your relevant one and just make it awesome.

You can get a clear phone case in your nearby Apple store or you can order online for your desired design with some printed artistic works.

  1. Silicone phone cases:

If you are a cargo type of guy who wears cargo pants and wants to be so rough, then the best pair would be your silicone phone cases. Made from the base petroleum and silicon, this phone case is the best for your protection. It has shock-absorbing capacity because of its external and internal strength. Despite its strength, it is soft and flexible making it the right fit for your iPhone. People mostly prefer silicone cases because it is unofficially called a cousin of plastic. It is because of their durability and their softness. 

You will never find as many designs and external artistic works in any other cases than in silicone cases. That is the main reason behind their popularity. For instance, If you want a minion designed silicone case, you can easily find them in the online store but it is difficult to come up with one in any other phone case material.

According to some sources, silicone cases are the most sought ones among the present youth population in the United States. If you google for apple phone cases, most of the search options would be recommending silicone cases. But before jumping to conclusion, you can weigh the pros and cons and come to a decision in buying a silicone made apple phone case.


  1. Equipped with high friction. So even if you have slippy hands, you need not worry.
  2. Wide variety of designs available.
  3. Not too expensive. More or less equal to the price of plastic cases.
  4. High durability and flexibility.
  5. 360-degree protection.


  1. They attract dirt in a course of time. Needs proper maintenance.
  2. Bulkier and does not fit in your pocket.
  3. They offer an external grip, but internally because of their glossy surface, they tend to sip off the phone that can lead us to think it is a waste of investment.
  4. Not open to any artistic works or any other DIY works.

Silicone will be the best for this present generation and it is of no doubt it has more positive points than negative ones. But make sure that it does not slip off your phone. For that to happen, you need to choose the perfect fit phone case for your iPhone. It is best recommended to reach out to the nearby stores to buy your iPhone silicone case.

In case you are not satisfied with the models, you can purchase any type of model in an online phone case store. If you do not want to spend your money on purchasing one, you can do DIY silicone phone cases by following the steps necessary to build your case

  1. Leather case:

I hope you are a suit kind of man. You are the one who loves to wear a Tuxedo and attend the party like a pro. You want to inspire the crowd through your attitude and you know what, you always win. It is not because of your attitude alone, it is your mannerism that it never hurts others’ feelings while showing it. If you are such a person, what I was talking about, then a Leather phone case is the best fit for you. Who would be ready to sacrifice the outer stylish look of an iPhone over a professional leather case? It is you and you only.

Leather cases are for those who want their phone to be sophisticated. Leather cases are not like plastic or silicone cases. It is because they are not entirely chemical. They have wallet features along with other features. It is worth its investment as it comes with a smooth texture that you will never feel any discomfort while holding your phone. I do have one and it had made me feel like James Bond. Fantasies apart, Now let us put the pros and cons on the table and measure them:


  1. Texture and look - Leather cases are preferred exclusively for their looks and their style.
  2.  Sophistication - Its smoothness propagates the sophistication in using the case.
  3. Easily adaptable - It is not bulky and it fits right into a pocket or bag without much effort.


  1. Highly expensive compared to other phone case models
  2. Not assured of protecting the phone from major damages.
  3. More smoothness will lead to greater embarrassment if it is damaged or torn apart due to slipperiness.
  4. They do not provide grip as other case materials do.

Sophisticated materials are rare to find and you have to search them in the cloud. You can purchase your leather phone case in an online phone case store as it would be hardly found in your nearby phone case store.

There are other types of phone case materials that can fit your iPhone that include Wood phone cases, Rubber phone cases, etc. But the above-discussed ones are the most demanded cases for an apple phone.

Final words:

The ball is in your court. I have made my genuine reviews and came out with the pros and cons of each of the major phone cases and it is time for you to decide to choose them that suits you. As I have attached the information regarding the place where you can get them, you could have come to a common ground that almost most of them are easily available in online phone case stores. Make sure that you choose the best phone case store for your iPhone. Speaking of which, Gyrus Cinguli is an exclusive phone case store that adheres to the wishes of the customers and offers the best phone cases of variable designs for their iPhones. Pick the best phone case for your phone that you should be grateful for.

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