Clear iPhone Case


About This Item

- Crystal clear transparency means you get to showcase native phone design.
- TPU phone cases are made up of the best in rubber, plastic and elastic materials providing comfort and maximum defence and protection from drops and collision. 
- Designed for simplicity. Sometimes simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Additional Information:

  • Available in both iPhone and Samsung models.
  • Ships worldwide. Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.

Our Promise

  1. 365-Day Heart Transplant Guarantee - Guarantees shouldn't be complicated like heart transplant surgery. If you are not satisfied with our case, just drop us an email and we will refund you promptly.
  2. Real Humans Support - Remember the time when you are put through long call waiting tones? Did you even enjoy it? We think that is bullshit. So if you would like to have a chat, you can DM us on social media or just email us whenever you like. Contact us about anything. We love you.
  3. Tracking Number - Ah... sometimes we wonder, if a shop doesn't give you a tracking number, why the hell does it even exist? We provide tracking number for every order. If you didn't receive it within a week from ordering, contact us immediately. We will make sure you will know the whereabouts of your product. Promise.

Please select the CORRECT PHONE MODEL of your desired case.

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